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Working in the Education Sector

If you are smart and looking for a career that allows you to give back, than working in the education sector may be the right move for you. It can be a rewarding career choice and there are a variety of different education jobs to choose from. Several individuals have enjoyed their careers as educational leaders.

Interview Question – What’s Your Strongest Weakness? How to Answer

I was in a group interview once and was asked to list three weaknesses. I had a mini panic attack but ended up jotting down the following…

IT Job Descriptions

With a mammoth growth in the IT sector, there has been a surge in the number of jobs as well as diversification of job roles. Catering to the steady rise, the MNC’s and IT local companies hired professionals from various fields of work and education. However, the selection has always been on the basis of skill sets and experience.

Millions of People Are in the Same Business Or Job But Only a Few Become Billionaires

There are millions of people involved in the same type of business or job but some prosper while others don’t. There must be millions of software engineers, people working as a die and mold maker, small retailers, and thousands of people running a small business but their lifestyle remains hand to mouth only.

Become a Top Wedding Planner – Sharpen Your Listening Skills and Get Hired by More Brides

As a wedding planner it is very important that you be a good listener so you can plan the weddings the brides want. When the brides see that they have your attention, they feel confident that you will work well with them and will be more likely to hire you. This article gives you 7 tips to help you sharpen your listening skills.

Working Behind a Computer – How to Avoid the Negative Health Effects

Desk work is definitely not healthy, but unfortunately for most of us it is simply a way of life. We are so used to using the computer that we do not notice the negative effects it can have on the organs of the body as well on the way we feel. It is true that working behind the screen is unavoidable, but this does not mean that the negative aspects of it cannot be diminished to the very minimum.

2 Little Known Secret Strategies That Get You Promotion and Pay Raise With Ease!

In an earlier article titled How to Get That Promotion or Pay Raise You Want with Ease!, I gave you the due-process method of getting a pay raise. In this continuation, I expose TWO powerful Secret Strategies you can use to short-circuit due process and achieve your results faster, albeit ethically! It is a cracker and a must read. Not for the squeamish. Enjoy it!

Understanding How Institutional Fit Plays Into Hiring Decisions

It’s simple enough: by the time the interview happens, whether a candidate has at least the basic aptitude for the job has pretty much been settled. The resume gets you the interview, the interview gets you the job, and your approach to the job very much determines whether you will do the job, or the job will end up doing you.

Pharmacists – Be Prepared For the Unexpected

Some pharmacists may say, “Why would I bother to update my resume when I have a job already? The fact is, life changes and you should now, more than ever, be prepared! Today’s job stability is not what it used to be.

Craniosacral Therapists – 4 Simple Steps to Finding Peace in Your Practice

Do you ever feel a sense of fear, panic or disappointment in your life or practice? (Hmmm, that’s a bit like asking you, “Is your heart beating? Are you breathing?”)

Ultrasound Technician Salary and Sonographer Salary Range

With excellent salaries in ultrasound jobs, this is one of the best healthcare career opportunities with one of the most positive job outlooks at the moment. Sonographers are responsible for a diagnostic medical procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to produce dynamic visual images of organs, tissues or blood flow inside the body to help doctors make diagnoses and treat disease. Not only is the ultrasound tech salary range good, but this is also a career that requires less schooling than other healthcare careers.

Teaching Online Courses For Cash

Making a decent living these days is a real struggle, but it is possible to earn a sizable sum every month by teaching online courses if you have an earned graduate degree in one of the core academic areas. There are many new and returning college students attempting to earn an online bachelor degree or online master’s degree, and the vast majority of these students need to take the core curriculum courses required to matriculate through the academic system.

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