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Five Great Tips to Be More Professional At Work

Professionalism in the IT world is desirable. Some people have it, some don’t. The ones that do have it, the ones that are professional, are treated with more respect and are usually better at their jobs. Below, I share five tips that you can use to be more professional in your workplace.

Is It Too Soon to Ask For a Raise?

So the recession is finally loosening its grip on the country. You’ve toiled away the past three years, paid your proverbial dues and made the sacrifices necessary to help your company maintain the status quo in one of the country’s toughest economic times.

Job Description of an Auto Mechanic

Prior to training for an auto mechanic, it’s important for you to understand the job outline, the needs plus the abilities necessary to become a mechanic. Job descriptions vary based on what you are looking to focus on however the general outline for the majority mechanics follows. To inspect, to keep up, and to fix and overhaul automobiles and trucks that run on a selection of fuels such as gasoline, electricity or alternative sources of fuel.

10 Easy Things You Can Do to Get a Quick Promotion

People who get promoted fast must have done something right in their career. When you have the chance to observe these people closely, you can find out some things they have in common. This article is going to share with you 10 easy but effective things you can do to get quick promotion. These 10 things can give you a big hand in your career development.

Ultrasound Technician Job Outlook: Looking Good

The ultrasound technician job outlook is looking good according to statistics. Jobs in this profession are going to continue to rise until at least 2016. There will be more jobs for ultrasound techs now and in the future.

5 Tricks for Eliminating The Golden Handcuff Syndrome

Buddha is quoted as saying, “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” If employers and employees alike would focus more on the fact that each person comes to work with a unique set of skills, more work would get done, more successfully and with better attitudes. The trick is determining what those natural skills are, and then putting those skills to work in each person’s job description.

Career Lapses: Raw Talent, You, and Reality

“The Paper versus Reality” conundrum is where we can find many life challenges and lessons. Whether it’s a job, relationship, marriage, business deal or whatever else that fit in the people, place, or thing categories in our lives…sometimes, it just sounds better on paper:

No Jobs? Back to School!

With unemployment on the rise worldwide during the last few years, more people start to wonder about their options in improving their chances to get a job. In times of economic and employment crisis it is sometimes difficult to think about the mid or long term future. However, it is important to remember that according to the Merriam-Webster definition, crisis is “the turning point for better or worse”.

Determining the Competency of Your Sales Manager

Working under a competent, engaged business development manager can be rewarding both personally and fiscally. On the contrary, working under a superior who is withdrawn, incompetent and who does not care about their subordinates’ well-being will prove to stagnate any career. Either prior to taking a job or considering leaving your current sales position, here are some measurements you can use when assessing whether a particular sales manager is worth your professional time or whether they can headaches, aggravation and an unpleasant workplace.

What to Expect – Taking a Sales or Marketing Job at a Large Company

There are vast differences between working at a larger organization and a smaller, more entrepreneurial firm. Just like anything else in both employment and life, each has its pros and cons.

It Is Never Too Late to Get the Most Out or Your Professional Life

As I work with clients during all phases of their careers I frequently hear them sell themselves short. They send negative messages and create reasons why they can’t try a new career path, seek a desired job or move forward professionally.

What It Takes to Succeed in the Legal Career

Legal careers and legal jobs are becoming one of the most dynamic and rewarding career choice; as our legal system has become an integral part of our daily lives. Either minor or major, we need legal expertise and guidance for every right that we possess.

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