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How to Have a Truly Great First Day

So, after all your hard work and determination, you have finally landed that great new job and your first day is right around the corner. Keep in mind that first impressions are important – make a bad one and could take time to gain the trust and respect of your new co- workers and managers.

Asking For a Raise in a Recession?

If you feel you deserve a raise but, none has been forthcoming how do you ask for one, especially in the current economic climate? First, you need to try to discern if the company you work for is a position to offer one. If there have been layoffs recently it is probably not the right time to ask for a raise.

What Are the Different Types of Medical Assistant Trainings Which Can Be Found?

The passion of an individual in obtaining the necessary medical knowledge and skills are growing in this society mainly due to the fact that people have become more concern about their health today. This is a positive trend of change which helps to sustain a happier society and a healthier world for our next generations.

Staking Your Claim With Employers and Recruiters Using Your Personal Brand

Staking Your Claim with Employers and Recruiters Use Your Personal Brand to Own a Piece of Your Prospect’s Mind Personal Branding is one of the hottest – and most misunderstood – concepts in career and job search. It doesn’t mean adopting a flashy personal image, driving a Jaguar or wearing Hugo Boss. Very simply, it means projecting your best qualities and characteristics to potential employers and recruiters. It means promoting your value to a clearly defined audience that appreciates it.

Leadership and Its Impact on Associate Satisfaction

Leadership is the art of achieving results through the work of others. It is an art that not many people can master or deliver effectively.

My Five Top Tips to Boost Your Career Opportunities

Have you been made redundant? and face the daunting prospect of finding a career in your field of expertise? Where do you go? How do you start again?

Change Jobs Comfortably – 4 Things to Think About

Four things to think about when you are considering a change of jobs. Changing a job is never as simple as it seems. If you give these four questions serious consideration, you will be well on your way to a successful career switch.

Plumbing Apprenticeships

Plumbing is a huge part of the UK’s construction industry which employs skilled craftsmen and technicians who have the ability to work with a wide range of materials and technologies, from boilers to sinks, to advanced wielding techniques and computerised control systems. A plumbing apprenticeship will train you to become familiar with a range of plumbing systems and components and their installations.

Career in Early Childhood Education

The article ‘Career in Early Childhood Education’ discusses about a career one can look forward with an Early Childhood Education degree. It also talks about the roles and responsibilities an Early Childhood Educator deals with in this field.

What Should You Know Before Pursuing a Physician Assistant Career?

The title of “physician assistant” depicts that this professional is someone who works under a licensed physician. The first PA training program was offered at Duke University in Year 1965. Numbers of 135 training modules are offered as the demand for this job is growing.

Management Apprenticeships

Good management is essential if a business is to succeed and this apprenticeship will teach you the skills needed, making sure you can implement them easily in your future career. There is a real need to encourage young people to progress through the management qualifications to address the future skills needs of organisations within the UK.

Locum Tenens Jobs Helps You Enter Retirement Slowly

Locum tenens are becoming a popular choice for those who want to enter retirement slowly, especially for those in the health care field. A Locum tenens is when a professional fills in for another professional who is on leave for a certain amount of time. This can be due to a vacation, extended leave of absence…etc.

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