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Careers in Veterinary Science – AgriBusiness

The number of career paths available to choose from in the field of veterinary science are almost too many to count. Although the first thing most people think about is a doctor of veterinary medicine (veterinarian), there are many, many other career paths open in the field of veterinary science.

Careers in Veterinary Science – Animal Disease Management

Recent years have seen an enormous growth in the study of animal diseases. It has become increasingly important to monitor the movement of animals across borders and to constantly re-evaluate national policies on border regulation as the world marketplace grows. Public safety is the main concern here.

Careers in Veterinary Science – Zoos and Aquariums

Veterinary science specialists are needed in many areas, especially the plethora of zoos and aquariums all over the world. These specialists take the form of marine biologists, biochemists, and habitat and ecosystem specialists. The animals that are housed in zoos and aquariums are sometimes endangered species that do not exist outside of captivity.

The Risk of Having a Team of Robots – Delegating Verses Monopolizing Work

Do you want a team that is able to think or a horde of cyborgs who follow blindly your commands? That is the question that I asked myself today, already knowing the answer (a waste of mental energy).

Education For Nurses – Where to Start

There are many paths of education for nurses which can lead to a fulfilling nursing career. There are ways to get a quick education and become a nurse in a relatively short time period and there are more advanced degrees and certificates that focus on specialties and allow a nurse to more easily advance their career. Uncover where to start an education for nurses.

The Code of Ethics in Nursing

If you are considering becoming a nurse, you must learn a nurses code of ethics. Learn everything you need to know in this article.

How to Master the Art of Savvy Self-Promotion

When some people think about promoting themselves they envision wearing a sandwich board that screams: “I’m desperate!” There’s a good reason.

Freelancing Mistakes to Be Avoided

Being a freelancer is the best thing that could ever happen to anybody bearing in mind the big bucks associated with working for multiple companies. True as that may sound, there are some contributing factors that can effectively make sure that you will not get to touch even the smallest of the so called big bucks simply because you let everything else fly out through the window as you salivated at the thought of you smiling all the way to the bank. Simply put, there are some mistakes that people make which hinder them from being quite the effective freelancers that they are supposed to be.

An Outline of the Different Methods of Career Development Strategy

It is vital to employ a very focused career development strategy in order to be successful. It helps to take some time out of a busy work schedule to explore available options and assess what needs to be achieved.

3 Reliable Online Job Listing Sites

With the job market quickly dwindling, hundreds of thousands of unemployed are scouring online job listings for a chance at a piece, however tiny, of what’s left of that pie. But are online job listings reliable? Although any economic crisis of this proportion always brings out the scammers, there are several long-standing, trusted and reliable job listings websites on the net. And most importantly, they are FREE!

Career As a Surgical Nurse

A surgical nurse is a special type of medical professional who works in operating rooms alongside surgeons and other members of the surgical team. So what does a surgical nurse do?

How to Quit Your Job Today and Retire

How would you like to quit your job today? Not only quit but become wealthy working from home.

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