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Resume, Research and Some Inside Help Are Needed to Get an Interview TODAY!

In these challenging economic times you must be able to distinguish yourself from all the other job-seekers in order to land you next career opportunity. The first impression you make with a potential employer normally starts with your resume. It is critical that you create a valued-based resume that is visually appealing and easy to read and sure to grab an employer’s attention.

Secret To Job Security

There are two groups of people that will never be without work: 1) individuals lucky enough to be working for companies and in industries that are selling enough product to keep them profitable. Even some percentage of these people are at risk 2) people within those companies that contribute to the selling or assist in the selling, yes the selling, of the products and services of that company. Driving revenue or generating prospects for revenue is the ultimate protection available to individuals that want to insure they are never without work or income.

The Panel Interview – How to Survive, and Succeed

Panel interviews can be quite challenging, intimidating, and stressful. In fact, this is generally their purpose. They’re designed to see how well you deal with a high-pressure situation while facing multiple interviewers. Add to that the inevitable agendas of at least some of the interviewers, and you’ve got waters that could be difficult to navigate.

Finding a Balance Between Work and Life

Is Work Dominating Your Life? Should you let it continue and miss out on a rewarding personal life? It’s time to allow yourself to do things that are most important to you.

Trends in the Construction Sector

We have all managed to resign ourselves to the poor economic times that are ruling our daily decisions. Many have chosen to put off the new home construction efforts they had planned and saved.

Green Jobs – How to Land a Green Job

As the founder of a green jobs website and a member of the green collar industry, I wanted to share some tips and suggestions on how to obtain a green job. We all know that the green jobs industry is growing but many people do not know what to do to land a job. Here are some tips below, keep in mind these are just a few suggestions, and this is what worked for me.

What Employers Really Look For When Hiring a College Graduate in 2009

Most college graduates are “theory smart.” They know what the book says and have proven their ability to pass curriculum requirements, the big question the employer is concerned about is “can you apply in the real world what you have learned.” This article explores this and other questions.

Work & Life Balance

Work/Life Balance is important for everyone to understand and strive to achieve. It is hard to always achieve this, but is essential to a happy life. There are many signs that you don’t have a good balance. There are steps that can be taken to restore balance to your lives.

12 Things You Can Control at Work

In this day and age of uncertainty, it’s easy to feel anxious about keeping your job and controlling your own destiny. But regardless of your particular circumstances, there are aspects of your work life that you can influence. Read the 12 ways that you can exercise control in your professional world.

Career Advice – Are You Packaged For Career Success?

Like it or not, the personal package you present to the world–your dress, your demeanor, the appearance of your workplace, even your personal hygiene–is a critical factor in determining your career success. This article provides career tips to help you to present yourself in the best possible fashion.

Is Retraining the Right Choice For You?

If you are considering a career change and thinking about retraining, there are several things that you need to take into consideration. Changing your career path and getting special training for the same to acquire new sets of skills is obviously not an easy task. After all, training for a new career requires you to invest a considerable amount of time and money.

So You’ve Been Made Redundant

Being made redundant is something we hope will never happen but unfortunately most of us will experience it at some point within our working lives. If this has sadly already happened to you then you will probably have a lot of questions regarding what happens next.

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