How Much Does David Bond Make on YouTube

Professional Cake Decorator – Could This Be Your Dream Job?

If you love the idea of conjuring up exotic dream desserts and designer cakes for your friends and family members, or find the idea of decorating cakes a thrilling one, then maybe you are the perfect candidate to take up the job of a professional cake decorator. It will surely give a vent to your creativity and give you an opportunity to earn while you do something that you love.

Tips to Enhance Your Data Entry Skills

There is various data entry skills that you need to enhance for your data entry work. Learn new skills that can enhance your ability to manage data entry work efficiently.

Business and Personal Development Training – First Date is a Must!

In Business and Personal Development Training it’s either jump on the train or you’re walking – You can get left behind in the blink of an eye.! Don’t forget that you have to ask for the First Date – FIRST!

Charity Work For Today

Experience is often the best teacher. A formal education is great if you can afford it, but it is possible to get work experience jobs without a college degree.

So You Want to Be a DJ

Have you considered a career in disc jockeying? It can be quite an exciting thing to do but it can also be a little bit scary as well. Being a disc jockey put you in the limelight at every party that you are playing at. The old saying is true, the DJ makes the party.

Career Coaching Will Get You on Track For a Brighter Future

There comes a certain point in one’s life when problems about what to do becomes a heavy cloud in your life. Many spend thousands of dollars on their education, but are unhappy with their career choice. Others have not even attempted to further their education for these same reasons. There comes a time when you may need guidance from an outside source to help you discover your calling. Finding someone with experience in career coaching could be the first step towards your true calling in life.

Computer Careers and Salaries – Which Computer Career Track Earns the Most Money?

Every aspiring computer professional asks the question, “Which computer career track or certification will earn me the most money?” In fact most people ask it repeatedly throughout their career as they change directions, jump hoops, and try to find the perfect computer career that will provide the salary and job security that everyone dreams of when starting a computer career.

Careers in IT – One GI’s Journey

I thought I would pass along a real-life story that touches on how one GI made the journey while facing many of those same obstacles and who today leads a successful and rewarding career in the field. In fact, he has advanced to the middle management level.

Top Career Choices For Retirees – Earn the Money You Need Doing What You Want!

Top career choices for retirees are ones that allow the retiree to earn the money they need while they pursue a career that they are interested in. This article discusses the five top career choices for retirees based on financial and other benefits.

The World’s Most Difficult Question

When I talk to people I like to ask them what I believe is just about the world’s most difficult question. Very few people can provide a confident answer and most people can’t come up with an answer at all.

How to Find a Job – Using a Career Counselor to Find Your Perfect Job

A career counselor’s specialty is usually not to find you a job, it’s to help you focus on specific career options best suited for you. Career counselors use a variety of methods to get you to understand which jobs and career paths are best for your personal abilities, education, experience, and dreams. But how do you find the best career counselor for you?

I Need Help Choosing My Career!

Find a coach, and develop a plan, or network with others; just do something. Do something every day that gets you closer to your goal of having a career that you love.

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