How Much Does Daze With Jordan The Lion Make On YouTube

ABC of Expat Woman’s Life: G – Get Employed!

A few weeks ago I ran into a friend at an international job fair in Amsterdam. The tickets were sold out long before I arrived. It was extremely busy and as a result I had to queue for half an hour to get in.

The Two Skills To Learn During University If You Want To Run Your Own Business

Are you in university, and want to start your own business later? What skills should you learn? Here’s the answer.

Career Advice – By The Time Our Economy Recovers Your Last Job Will Be Obsolete

There seems to be a common theme in the Futurist Magazine which has been running for a number of years, and that is this; in the future, many of the jobs that we have today will be obsolete. Either robots will be running them, or current technologies will have been passed over for new solutions. Therefore entire industries will not exist and they will need no workers, and thus, will provide no employment base. This is an interesting concept, and it stands to reason and we can see this phenomena in real time because it is happening today.

Top Three Benefits of a Radio Promotions Internship

Internships are a great way to receive real work experience in a particular industry. You can gain many benefits from internships such as building your communication skills, work ethic, and resume. Even if the internship does not seem like the most interesting or “coolest” one, the experience gained far exceeds the negative factors.

Returning to the World of Interviews

An article for all those who are suddenly faced with an interview. A task they haven’t had to complete in a long time.

Do I Spend Too Much Time on Work?

Many of us feel like we work too much, and would love to have more time doing something else. While we do not have much control over that, we do have control over how much time we spend on the work we have – there is a difference between spending time at work, and spending time on work.

How to Conduct a Stress Free Job Search

A job search is stressful in itself. The combination of stepping out into something new with the uncertainty of landing a position is emotionally draining. It can take a long time to get a job offer. In the meantime you have to afford housing, food and everyday bills.

How A Secretary Can Learn New Skills To Find More Fulfilling New Jobs

This will demonstrate how to change jobs and ensure that you can gain a new challenge. However, it focuses on how to move into related fields where your skills and experience are valued.

General Career Tips That Make Sense!

In most cases, there is always room to climb higher in your chosen career or still make a great impression when and where needed. Finding career tips, ones that can generally help you can sometimes be a little hard to find or understand.

7 Career Change Resume Tips

If you are switching fields, a career change resume is vital. In this tight job market, it is hard enough for job seekers in their field to land a new job. It is much harder to convince recruiters to hire you than someone already tested.

Resume Keywords: How to Incorporate Them in Your Job Search

To snag a job in today’s search engine based tech world, you must include resume keywords. Hiring managers don’t have time to weed through the thousands of faceless resumes submitted online. Most employers use recruiting management software to quickly sift through resumes. Even if you are the perfect for the job, no one will call you in for the interview if specific keywords don’t draw them to your application.

What Is Career Counseling?

If you have hit a professional brick wall, career counseling is right for you. Have you graduated from college but can’t get you foot in the door?

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