How Much Does Dearly Departed with Scott Michaels Make on YouTube

Why Quality Wins Over Quantity When It Comes To Job Searching

Let’s face it, when you’re looking for a job, you want it as fast and as easy as you can get it. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming searching for a job. It’s true that you likely won’t land an interview, or job for that matter, without actually applying for job openings (unless they come through Networking and weren’t advertised).

Reasons to Feel Happy at Work

Some reasons to be happy about a job can always be found. Read this article to assess how lucky you are to work for your company.

How You Can Be Your Own Bodyguard

You can’t afford to pay for a bodyguard? Then we will explain to you how to be your own bodyguard. What to learn and how to accomplish your goals.

Careers in Demand – 6 Occupations With Great Employment Prospects in US

These are recessionary times and job seekers all around have had to face some challenges looking for work. Yet, just because US citizens are facing challenging economic times doesn’t mean everybody is out of work. Many occupations in industries such as healthcare, accounting, office administration and sales are expected to see some significant employment growth between 2010 and 2020.

How to Navigate the Office Holiday Party Like a Pro

Office Holiday parties can be a great opportunity to network and make a positive impression on bosses and colleagues, but a holiday bash gone wrong has the potential to derail an otherwise promising career. The key to successfully navigating the office party lies in how well you prepare to capitalize on the networking opportunity, and even more importantly, how well you behave!

How Do You Know What Career Is Right For You?

It may seem to many people that any job is better than none in today’s job market with its high unemployment levels. In these recessionary times, where many companies are investing more and more in technology to increase their productivity as well as outsourcing both manual and technical jobs that just finding paid employment should be the goal and not to think too much about having a career that is fulfilling. However at the end of the day the average career span is 40 years and that is a long time to be doing something that you don’t like! But just how do you re-orientate your career to do something that you do like, and what career is right to you anyway.

Google Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy When It Comes To Job Searching

I recently “Googled” my name and found an assortment of results come up that I didn’t even realize were out there and visible to the public. Social media sites, registries I created, and websites that I’ve registered on and long forgotten about. When it comes to job searching, employers are now able to see more about our personal lives than ever before through the internet.

Tips For Breaking Into A Career

Once you decide what type of field you want to go into (the more specific, the better!), there are a couple of things you can do to break into the career and get some foundational experience. Whether you take on an internship, work for smaller companies or land a job through a connection, remember that everything counts.

Is It Realistic to Pursue Your Dream Job Today?

Are you contemplating changing careers? Mary’s story warns us that we need to be thoughtful and cautious when making a dramatic change like this. But there is another way, the way Rhonda took. May we all be Rhonda’s!

Translate Your Strengths Into an Ideal Job

You can write yourself a story to figure out what you really want from your job and career. This article tells how Rick did just that. You can too.

Limo And Taxi Companies Can Always Be On Time With GPS Tracking

Limo and taxi companies want to be know for their prompt, reliable, comfortable and courteous service. This is the heart of the business. There is a great deal of competition in most cities and having great customer service can help a company achieve a good market share. GPS tracking systems can help give a company an edge in customer service.

You Can Do Smart Goal Setting

In setting goals, this article will show you how to set goals in a more focused way. Goals should be challenging and encourage one to strive and to make one really push themselves to the next level.

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