How Much Does Debbie FoodPrepping Make on youtube

Nature Offers a Lot of Jobs

Think outside the box. Look at nature and see just how you can use it for good and how it can help you bring you money.

Cooking Up Excitement With Culinary Careers

Do you want to be the next Wolfgang Puck? Do you love baking up delicious desserts? There is an abundance of excitement and opportunity within the culinary arts field.

Tips For Landing a Medical Job

There is good news for those graduating from medical school or looking to switch careers, like nurses and allied medical professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need for highly qualified personnel to fill the ever increasing medical jobs will continue to rise until 2016. In order to find one of these jobs, job seekers need to present themselves as both professional and highly qualified.

3 Things New Moms Should Know When Returning to Work

You are panicking! Your maternity leave is almost over and you must begin to think about going back to work. But you have been so busy with the baby, that time slipped away and you are not prepared.

Things That Nurses Could Expect From Their Chosen Career

Nursing right now is very in demand. Aside from that, nursing is also being considered to be one of the most rewarding careers that is present. This is the right job for people who always want to make a difference out of the lives of other people. Here are some of the things that you could expect to have if you decided to have a nursing career.

Desktop Do’s and Don’t’s and Office Desk Sets

In the movie “Philadelphia”, Tom Hanks’ character Andrew Beckett got fired for losing a very important brief, even if it was just a trumped up charge. In real life, you might not get fired, but it would really reflect on your performance review, if your desk is a mess, and you can’t find things when you need them.

Top 10 Paying Jobs in the USA

Normally the annual list for the Top 10 paying jobs is quite accurate, although there is a disagreement among experts on the public labour and the private sector. When a new specialized profession comes out to the marketplace which is well paid and with high requests for the few professionals available, generally this one jumps almost instantly onto the list. Every year comes out a new list with just a few changes from the last years Top 10 Paying Jobs list.

Become a Film and Video Producer, For Real – On Line

A quick guide to see if you have what it takes to be film and video producer. As in make money and have a career in video and film production. It easier than you think to get started, the question is do you have the creativity and determination to make it happen?!

How to Clinch a Job Interview With Tie Bars and More

Now, your resume is ready, and you’ve thought of all the answers to all the questions that can possibly be asked you in the interview. Hopefully there wouldn’t be questions as controversial as the one Ms. California was asked, but you’ll never know.

How to Prepare to Work Abroad

Some people work overseas for the excitement or change of pace and others do it for the prestige and possibility. Living and working overseas can be an exciting prospect – and in many instances it can be extremely beneficial to your overall career advancement.

Become a Freight Broker – Get the Knowledge Without Spending Thousands

You can become a freight broker without wasting your money on seminars, college courses or mentoring. There are business plans and guides that can get your brokerage off to a fast start and will save you thousands of dollars in start up costs. Just read on.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder With the Right Image

Do the rungs on the corporate ladder feel as if they are difficult or even impossible to climb? It may be your professional image that is affecting your career opportunities. Working in the corporate world can bring with it many benefits and prospects if you have the skills and ability to climb that ladder. While you may think that the corporate ladder can be climbed solely based on your work ethics and ability alone, this is often not the case in reality. It takes the right competencies combined with the right professional image to climb the higher rungs on the corporate ladder.

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