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Succession Planning Can Be Painless: Transfer Expertise to the Next Generation

As small business owners from the baby boomer cohort plan for their retirement and head into the next stage of their lives, they should be thinking about who will take over their business. But, more importantly, they should be thinking about how to transfer their business knowledge and expertise to these successors. In this article, three steps for successfully transferring this expertise to the next generation is discussed.

Falling in Love With Your Job

Romance is in the air; If love is determined by how many hours you spend together, your “human” significant other might lose out.There may be no one thing you spend more waking hours with than your job. If you don’t love it, it is time to think about your relationship with your work.

How To Request Flexible Working Hours

Requesting flexible working hours is something many women desire, whether it be due to motherhood, taking care of a loved one or simply wanting to create a better work/life balance for herself and her family. Whatever the reason, if you’re contemplating asking your employer for flexible working hours then you need a strategic plan, as you’ll probably only get once shot at it.

Pay It Forward: How Becoming a Mentor Benefits You

Those who have achieved significant professional success often derive great satisfaction from helping other, sometimes younger, colleagues achieve their career goals.Those who find themselves at a point of career frustration may also find that stepping away from what has become a Sisyphean struggle and choosing to guide others on their upward climb renews self-esteem and can revitalize a reputation, as the mentor gains allies and influence within a cadre of up-and-comers. Paying it forward and becoming a mentor will reward your generosity in numerous ways, personal and professional.

Expanding Your Network = Career Success

Networking is critical to career success. Discover tips on how to expand your current network.

4 Major Advantages Sales Experience Gives You Over the Competition

It goes without saying that there are many marketable skills that can give you an edge out there in today’s job market. Nevertheless, some are more useful than others and even more are underestimated when it comes to the true value they hold for today’s discriminating employers.

New to the Workplace – 3 Keys to Starting Out on the Right Foot!

Skillfully working for someone else, whether in a paid or volunteer capacity, means that you have an understanding of the relationship between the employer and you as an employee. Organizations hire people to provide a service or product and look for skills and abilities that match the job in question. There are several key elements to building a rewarding work experience that creates a solid foundation, preparing you for that next step in your work life.

3 Types of Jobs You Can Get With Little Experience

Many people think that they can’t get a good paying job because they don’t have good experience, but that’s not completely true. Many jobs are there that do not require a lot of experience, but offer good money to worker and here are 3 types of jobs you can get with little experience.

3 Cool Engineering Jobs

The term engineering refers to an art, profession and a discipline that applies to the scientific theory to create, develop and analyze technical solutions. Mechanical Engineering This branch of engineering provides reliable solutions to the process and products development ranging from small components to massive plant be it machinery or vehicles.

I Am Not My Career – 5 Ways to Claim and Manage Your Professional Brand

Professional Branding is all about career identity and reputation. You get to curate and self-package certain skills, career accomplishment and achievements that validate your expertise and return on investment (ROI) for your audience.

3 Negative Thought Patterns That Can Keep You Unemployed

It goes without saying that the economy isn’t in the best of shape these days. It’s difficult to get hired anywhere and it’s even harder to land highly desirable positions in one’s chosen field. That said, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to turn things around if you’re unemployed.

How to Change Obstacles Into Career Opportunities

The best career opportunities are the ones that make you feel happy and fulfilled in your life. It is not an easy task to find out career opportunities that are set to change your lifestyle. You have to learn how to dig the most valuable career opportunities out off the thousands of opportunities that are flooding the market.

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