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The Benefits of Online Corporate Training

You want to be in the driver’s seat and be in control of your job and destiny. Sometimes, you have to take charge of your career and be aggressive in going after your goals by taking the initiative by taking the training you need to advance your career.

Online Jobs Are Changing The Way We Work

Searching for jobs is never easy; it can be stress inducing, especially during harsher economic climates. There are continual amounts of massive layoffs as companies restructure, and jobs continue to disappear. Many of the smaller business are struggling to stay afloat.

Three Tips On How To Get Others To Do Your Work

There is a lot of teamwork that happens in the IT industry. Part of working in teams is sharing the workload – you can’t be expected to handle all of the work yourself. This post isn’t about delegation from a team leader or manager’s position – it’s more about how you can get other team members to do work for you, fairly, without manipulation or any sneaky tactics! Read on to find out more!

Girls Interest In Construction Is Growing, But More Women Are Needed In The Industry

The construction industry is a billion pound enterprise in the UK and makes up six per cent of the GDP, but it has been a no-go area for women who occupy a small percentage of jobs in the industry. However, things are changing and initiatives and taster courses are seeing more females get involved in building.

10 Tips On How To Write A Business Email

Email is a part of the everyday life of an IT Professional. It’s used in offices as a major form of communication, and some companies use it better than others. There is a big difference between a good email and a bad email. Sometimes we can pick up bad habits from other companies or employees, causing our emails to fall into the “bad email” category. Have a read of these ten tips on how to write business emails to help improve your writing.

Preparing For Your Performance Review and Getting That Promotion

Your performance review is right around the corner and you feel that you’re ready for a promotion. Being prepared for the performance review with your manager is critical; especially if you are going to ask for a promotion. Here is how to prepare.

When a Woman Turns 40 And Why It’s The Best Time For Career Changes

5 reasons why being in 40’s is the best time for career changes in women’s life. Encouraging women to see their midlife as a great opportunity instead of a challenge.

Medical Assistants – Fundamental Information For Aspiring Individuals

This article is all about picking up a career as a medical assistant. You will learn how to determine if you are suitable for this career, and how to get started.

Do You Have a Presentation System?

Everyone that presents regularly or needs to learn how to present to advance their career needs a presentation system. Here is an example of a simple but effective system to make better more effective presentations.

Participation in a Professional Association

A membership in a professional association can give you a golden source of information about employment. A membership in professional associations can assist you with job searching and your career development.

10 Tips for a Career Changer

This article contains universal tips for career changers. The most important steps towards a successful career change are self-evaluation, setting clear goals and self-education. If possible, a career changer can become an apprentice to gain valuable experience.

All You Need to Know About Office Romances

This article contains advice how to handle an office romance. What are dos and don’ts if you are in love with a colleague? Are romances between non-equals possible? How to survive an office break up? There is all you need to know to avoid awkward situations.

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