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Graduating? Look at Truck Driving Jobs

Driving a truck can be a fulfilling career. Requires very little education.

Window Tinting – How to Make More Money Tinting Car Windows

Window tinting is a potentially profitable area in self-employment. While most people who tint windows do so in conjunction with repair shops, mechanics and auto customization service centers, there is plenty of opportunity to gain a personal client base on the side and build your own business. The question is how can you maximize your earnings in this niche business?

Firefighter Paramedic

To assist victim in an emergency fire scenarios are dangerous, challenging yet rewarding type of career. Firefighter paramedic is a career that compensate a good deal of salary.

Getting Your First Job As a New Nurse – Hope and Hints for Graduate Nurses

Many people have discovered that nursing is a wonderful career, and entered into nursing school recently. It was supposed to be recession – proof; and for the most part nursing has not been hit with layoffs. However, there have been hiring freezes, especially for new graduates. Nursing has a myriad of options from intensive care to administration but you have to get that first job. That can be hard -here are some suggestions that will make it easier.

Best Practices for Completing Hedge Fund Certification Programs

The following article offers key strategies for completing a hedge fund certification program. Many people have never taken a certification programs before so it can be challenging unless you follow these best practices.

Career Exploration Tips

The job that was once fancied as a teenager doesn’t sound as interesting any more. If facing Monday mornings sounds the equivalent of facing a self-imposed execution order and if you find yourself being helplessly dragged to work, you are not alone. The truth is that as we grow, our priorities change, and with changing priorities our definitions of “satisfiers” and “dis-satisfiers” undergo a radical change.

Do You Have a Career Disaster Management Plan?

Disaster management should not be restricted to organizations. Individuals, too, can prepare their own version of a disaster management plan, especially in case of career emergencies.

Tips For Identifying Corporate Culture

All of us are unique, they say, and so are organizations. Every company, though comprised of diverse individuals, adheres to a certain common pattern for conducting routine business activities and for making internal decisions. While experts differ on the exact definition of corporate culture, this general behavioral thread running through the company is probably the simplest indicator of its corporate culture, a culture that is uniquely its own.

Strategies For Achieving Career Success

An impressive and consistent career growth record is every professional’s dream, a dream that most would do anything for. Yet, many believe that achieving professional success is an impossible feat requiring complex Machiavellian maneuvering.

Career Change Assets – Specialized Knowledge and Astute Marketing

When planning a job or career change, consider your specialty with new eyes. How might your skills fit in a new industry? What knowledge do you have that you may be able to apply in a different way?

Top Six Things To Do After Being Downsized

The pressure and confusion stemming from a layoff may not be easy, but this is not the time to empathize or play the blame game. The momentum gained during the first few weeks after a layoff will set the tone for your entire job search campaign, so play this time carefully. In this article, I have outlined my pick of top six things you should do after being downsized.

Email Bloopers To Avoid

E-mail has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other; from professional to personal, the medium powers it all. Despite its suitability for both professional and personal communications, the two must be approached very differently. While you may be at liberty to communicate informally with your friends and loved ones, corporate culture does not appreciate such liberties.

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