How Much Does DJ Ghost Make on YouTube

Things You Need to Know About Finance Jobs

By definition, finance is the science of managing, making, and studying money. It also encompasses the management of banks, investments, credit, assets and liabilities. Finance jobs on the other hand refer to the activities involved in the management and operation of the factors involved in finance.

Worried of the Career Choices Available in Industrial Engineering?

The students are generally found in a dilemma when it comes to industrial engineering and its scope. If you also find yourself or someone known in the same confusion, read on. This write-up will surely benefit you.

Baby Boomers at Work: Using Age As Fuel

Have you ever worried that someone else might get a job you want because they’re younger? When you start worrying about the younger competition, it’s really time to focus on who you are and who you want to be.

The Hidden Dark Side of Politics in the Workplace

Office politics is often seen as the catalyst for rising up the corporate ladder. However, there is an inconspicuous cost. By the time the cost is realized, it may be too late. This article outlines the cost of corporate politics and what you can alternatively do to effectively advance your career.

Setting Your Translation Rates

Unlike other services and facilities, you should carefully set your translation rates and stick to them. Quite often a company or client, who chooses to hire you to complete their translation project, can tell a lot by the cost of your services. To ensure that you’re charging the right price for your work and not overcharging nor giving your work away, read on for some helpful tips.

Informational Interview Faux Pas (And How to Avoid It)

Informational interviews can be a great tool to give you a competitive edge in your job search. Unfortunately, most people do not use them correctly. Please avoid the mistake mentioned in this article so that you reap the rewards of your efforts.

What Career Prospects Does Instrumentation Engineering Bring Along?

Instrumentation engineering is among the fields that can take you a long way if you have always been wondering of pursuing engineering. Read on if you wish to know about your future prospects in this sector.

Loving Your Profession or Professionalize What You Love!

We eat what we like, we wear what we choose and we talk the way we want to – BUT we work what we have been selected for! Work is the primary thing in our life and we spend most of our time being occupied with work. Is it a fair treatment when we decide our profession on someone else’s will?

Coping With Job Loss – Are These Feelings “Normal?”

Whether you are unemployed by choice or by surprise, there are some feelings that are bound to surface when coping with job loss. At first, there was shock. Secondly, you embraced your freedom. You may even have blamed your boss for a while.

Writing a Good CV and Remembering the 20 Second Rule!

There is a difference between writing a CV and writing a CV that will bring you success. The common mistake that many people make when writing their CVs is that because they forget that there is a crucial rule to bear in mind – the 20 second rule! Due to the fact that almost everybody can write a CV, clearly listing off all of their professional achievements, along with their working achievements, it is easy to write your CV so that it looks good to you and not to the important person in the equation…

How Do You Know If You’re A Top Performer (Or Not)?

How to organize and define your career accomplishments. This will help you to interview better and define how you can impact an organization.

May Luck Be With You

I explain how the power of luck is crucial in reaching career success. I also ask those who preach free market ethics as the only way to reach success to consider how luck should temper their message.

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