How Much Does Do It On A Dime Make on YouTube

You’re a Fake: You’ll Go Far!

Even when you don’t feel confident, practising ‘power poses’ for 2 minutes before an interview or presentation, will significantly increase your chances of winning your audience over. This article gives practical advice on how to do this and the science that back the findings up.

How to Use Your Catering and Cooking Diploma to Switch Careers

Career plays an important role in every individual’s life! This is what have been described in detail in the below mentioned article.

Know Your Holiday Party Etiquette

Yes, it’s that time of year again. In just a few weeks, many corporate professionals will be attending holiday parties with their coworkers. Time to kick-off your heels and celebrate another year towards retirement, right?

MCITP Certification – Your Questions Answered

The MCITP certification is one of the most popular certifications in the IT industry. However, the MCITP isn’t just one certification – it’s a name given to all individual certifications at a certain level in Microsoft’s certification hierarchy. Read more about the MCITP certification here.

5 Tips to Scheduling Work-Life Balance Into Your Business Trip

Even while on a business trip, work-life balance is possible with some upfront planning and scheduling. Here are five tips on how to schedule work-life balance into your next business trip.

Looking For A Job With Animals?

Do you love working with animals? There are opportunities that are open to you that would allow you to work with animals regularly. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised with the opportunities that are open in your own area, even if you live in a relatively small town.

Focus on What’s Most Productive and Profitable

Work the most important and most critical tasks that contribute to your business. Focus your efforts on the most productive and profitable activities that will keep you in business and for sure, you will be on its highest peak of success.

Build A Business For Your Future

The best way in which to build a business for your future is to show your market how your offering can meet their needs/wants/expectations. In other words, you have to provide value.

Interview Questions? What About Answers?

Interview questions are very important, but how you answer those questions is even more important that what you say in your answer. It’s how you answer your questions, not just what you say in your answer. In other words, you have to make sure you answer their questions the right way. It will make a huge difference in the way you are perceived by the interviewer.

“The 12th Man” – Becoming the “Go To” Person in Your Job

The 12th man is a common enough term predominantly associated with sports and interpreted in a variety of ways. Some associate the term with a lively and supportive crowd, whilst others more sarcastically refer to match officials as the “unofficial 12th man”. Interestingly, one original story relating to the term applies to a university in Texas who have built a tradition around the term that can be read about in the article the Twelfth Man. Personally, I take the term to mean someone who does a little bit extra that makes the difference between a good success and a great success.

Career Anchor

The most important part of a person’s life is his career. It’s going to be the source of income for most of his active lifetime and at times even after retirement. So, a person needs to be really clear about from where, how and through what kind of work are his finances going to be generated.

Skills Wanted in Australia

According to the October to December Hays Quarterly Report, there are many skills that are still in demand in Australia. Engineers, Business Development Managers and Purchasing Officers are three of the many skills that remain in-demand in Australia.

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