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Career Guidance and Career Advice on the Subject of CV and Interview Skills

How different are interviews for ‘college entry’ to ‘job application’ interviews? There is little difference other than the objective of the interviewer. In both cases the candidate is there to talk about themselves & their commitment to what they are applying for.

Nursing Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to every profession, this includes nursing. Lets look at some in order to help people who are looking at getting into the profession decide whether this is right for them or now.

The Benefits of Changing Careers

While a career change may seem somewhat nerve-wracking and intimidating, it is something that nearly every American worker will go through. Workers in America are expected to change jobs at least ten times over the span of their career – many will switch careers on at least one occasion.

The Best Information Technology Careers for a Computer Consultant

If you’re a computer professional who’s able to maintain a small business network, I’m sure you’re aware that you have several Information Technology Careers available to you. But the best option for someone with your skill-set would be to start your own computer business and reap the full benefits that come with being your own boss.

How to Ask for a Raise – Get That Pay Raise

After months and months of hesitating whether or not you should ask for a raise, you finally decide that you deserve it and you might as well go for it. Now the only trouble is, you need to know how to ask for a raise to make sure that you get that pay raise you request for. For whatever reason you need this raise for, it is irrelevant, what matters is that you are deserving of it and you can prove that you are bringing in money to the company.

Information About Different Pharmacist Jobs

Pharmacist jobs are abundant everywhere. They provide the service of medication distribution and often give advice to patients about medications, prescribed or over the counter. They advise on side effects, dosages and interactions to encourage safety. People who choose this field have the option of doing a few different things. They can do traveling from pharmacy to pharmacy or they can choose to consult at healthcare facilities. They are not restricted to just working in a retail drug store or hospital facility.

Many Fields Open For Nurse Practitioner Jobs

With doctors becoming more and more difficult to come by, nurse practitioner jobs are open in many fields that were once exclusively held by doctors. Other doctors, due to the demands put on them by malpractice insurance, are specializing in specific fields, leaving general practice physicians at a minimum. Nurse practitioners are coming to the rescue and filling this void in all areas of medicine.

The Reasons Why Trucking Jobs Are Great

Trucking jobs are not just ordinary jobs but rather they are serious ones and they are considered as one of the top jobs that are in demand nowadays. This is because the demand for the transfer of goods and service is growing.

Eight Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Call

Many people send out resume after resume and wonder why they never hear back. There are many good reasons for this and eight of them are discussed here.

Being the Candidate Recruiters Want to Talk To

Finding people through job sites can seem like a daunting task for many recruiters. If you reply to a recruiter’s job listing on one of the popular job sites like Monster, HotJobs or CareerBuilder, chances are you’ll be one of 200 or more people responding. Most recruiters will only look through the first 20 or so resumes. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, one way to distinguish yourself when replying to a job ad is to use a unique and catchy subject for the email message.

Do What Others Won’t, And Earn Big Time!

If you work (or want to work) in today’s seemingly unpredictable economy, there are still opportunities out there for you to make a great living in an owner operated, minimal investment, home service opportunity. When I first heard friends tell me about a great money maker I was always skeptical and, in hind sight, missed opportunities for more freedom and income. Since then I have rethought many things. Mostly how to make that kind of money again, and more importantly the peace of mind that it gave me. So, I started changing the way that I look at services, and came to see opportunities in places I never would have looked before, to do what others won’t, and earn big time!

Impress Your Boss and Win Over Your Coworkers

It’s true that most of us spend more time with co-workers and business partners than with our own family members. What is it we’re doing to cultivate these relationships? Are we getting everything out of these workplace relationships we need to make us successful?

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