How Much Does Doug DeMuro Make on YouTube

3 Things To Do Now That the Government Shutdown Is Over

The federal shutdown has gladly come to a close, but what if another one occurs in the future? Will you be ready?

Marketing and Sales – Can the Same Person Do Both the Jobs?

Marketing and sales are two different aspects. Though they share a common objective of increasing revenues of the company, they play discrete functions and thus require distinct skills to be pursued to do the jobs effectively. Moreover, the roles and responsibilities of each position are so specialized that the same person in most situations cannot handle both the jobs.

How to Get Lots of Job Interviews (Part I)

In this article I will talk about things that helped me with job applications and getting interviews during a tough job market from 2009 to 2010, which eventually led to full time employment. With sharing these insights I hope to help anyone who is a recent graduate looking for work. I will attempt to outline a process that helped me and provide useful tips to readers.

Prevent Mid-Career Burnout

It is easy to get trapped into the “doing” of life. Soon we forget how important it is to take care of ourselves and we hover on the edge of burn out. This article offers 4 great tips on how to keep the passion alive in your life and how to avoid “hitting the wall.” Just start with one thing at a time and go from there. We are human beings not human “doings.”

Three Key Talents Required to Do a Marketing Job

Marketing is one of the popular career options for fresh graduates. There are many reasons why many people are drawn into marketing – it offers good career opportunities, job stability and status. And of course, marketing jobs are challenging. Marketing jobs are not monotonous; market trends keep on changing, there is always one or the other technique to learn, case to study, strategy to research and so on, that make people in this field feel satisfied with their job.

Want a Recession-Proof Job in 2014? Look No Further Than Freelancing for MORE Job Stability

I ran across an article on Entrepreneur the other day entitled, “The Freelance Economy Is Booming. But Is It Good Business?” It detailed how one laid-off worker had literally turned lemons into lemonade. Within a year of being laid off, she was earning $4,000 to $6,000 per month by starting a freelance business; specifically becoming a publicist for authors. The day before I read this story, a friend of mine announced that her and her whole team had been laid off. Their jobs were shipped to India. She’d had this position for approximately 7 years and earned six figures. Before this, she’d been downsized out of her last position – one she’d held for over 10 years. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 – and in my opinion it’s one of the best career moves I ever made. From what I see, freelancing is the new job stability. Following are three reasons why.

I Don’t Like The Idea Of Tooting My Own Horn – Self-Promotion Does Not Have To Suck

Fear being fabulous? Don’t believe in office politics? Not willing to market you? Social networking, ugh? Never comfortable tooting your own horn? Pick one and experience the difference.

7 Smooth-Sailing Tips for People Who Want a Job or Career Change

Staying in a job you despise can have ill effects on you. Job satisfaction counts more than anything else, workers around the world say. Do not procrastinate upon your decision to quit if that is the only solution available to you. The older you grow, the more difficult it becomes. But, before you do that, prepare yourself solidly to face the challenges that job changes bring.

4 Down-To-Earth Career Lessons From Gravity

This article reviews characteristics that make individuals successful in their careers using the storyline of ‘Gravity’ (2013) to demonstrate its points. By capitalizing on the popularity of the movie, the article challenges readers to see and apply tenets from the film including teamwork, motivation and determination to ensure their own professional success.

It’s Not My Job

These are the famous last words of an individual that is unwilling to work. It portrays their work ethic, personal achievements and general character. Do we really want these people in the workplace?

Knowledge: A Seek and Acquire Mission

The quest for knowledge is never ending. Becoming better leaders means becoming well-rounded in many different areas. Knowledge is the means in which we accomplish this.

When Adversity and Leadership Collide

Adversity does not discriminate. It does not wait for you to get home or, get to work. It just waits until you are not ready. It can be defeated.

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