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5 Reasons You Want to Be a Marine Corps Pilot

There are many reasons why you should become a Marine Corps pilot. In fact there are more reasons than I could reasonably expect to list in this article so I’ll give you a few that are usually high on everyone’s list.

After the Pink Slip – Getting the Most Out of Being Unemployed

So you used to be a division manager pulling in six figures, or a mechanic, painter, teacher or construction worker. Now, after getting your pink slip, you spend most of your time sitting on your couch, surfing the net for a job at McDonald’s and watching news networks that update the grim economic and jobs numbers every fifteen minutes. Being unemployed is a definite setback, but this forced employment hiatus doesn’t have to be professionally stagnating. Below you will find seven cost-effective action steps that you can take now to regain some control of your present situation and prepare for future job success.

Harvest Time

Different businesses go through different cycles, but no matter what your business cycle looks like, you must find time to focus on the people in your business. They ultimately determine it’s potential.

The Value of Value

It is often said that a person’s income is based on the value that they give back to society. Furthermore, human beings place a tremendous value on human life, and with good reason – it is a precious gift. So it stands to reason that professionals who improve the lives of other people – particularly if they heal or save them – stand to earn a substantial and lucrative income.

Do What is Necessary

Doing everything you are asked to do can sink your career and ruin your job search. You need to learn to say “No” in a way that gets you respect. Concentrate on the most important tasks and let the rest slide.

Has Your Career Caught Up With You? The Artful Negotiation of Midlife Career Change

Are you yearning to make a job or career change? Are you sure if it is the right move to make?

Coping With Career Change

Lost your Job? Experiencing a sudden or unexpected career change? Worried about your future?

How Far Would You Travel to Work? International Hospitality Management Work Programs

One good thing about hospitality management is that it can provide easy access to the international job scene. You’ll have the chance to travel and work virtually anywhere in the world, as long as there is a need for the job. In hospitality – the remote reaches of paradise are actually a rich picking field for employment.

How to Get Promoted – Strategies For Getting to the Next Level

The topic of this article is How to Get Promoted: Leadership Strategies that Will Help You Get to the Next Level. How does as a new hire in any organization, rise to higher levels of leadership and responsibility within the organization. There are two reasons people do not progress: lack of a plan and lack of the required skills. What are the lessons that need to be learned to move forward in your career or business?

What Career to Choose – 3 Tips to Recession Proof Your Future

Knowing what career to choose isn’t easy. Some tips to kick start your search for a recession proof future.

How to Survive Unemployment-Related Stress

Under the best circumstances unemployment creates a ton of stress. Here are tips on overcoming stress and anxiety that arise out of joblessness.

Where Can I Apply to Be a Game Tester?

When looking for video game testing jobs, you have two main options. And I will talk to you about both of them in this article but before I start that I would like to inform you of something that you might not have understood.

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