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How to Avoid Work

There’s not many things I can claim to have a strong knowledge about, but this one is definitely my strongest point. For years and years on end, I have learned and perfected any way you could dream of avoiding work whilst still getting paid for it. It’s gotten me so long and I have worked so hard that this is actually the result of hard work.

Becoming an AC Repair Specialist

Becoming an AC repair specialist is a great career choice for anyone who doesn’t want to attend a four-year university. There are several things that can be done to successfully reach this goal.

Effective Negotiating And Why It’s Important

Negotiation is a part of life. It’s not only used when you’re buying used cars or bartering for some souvenirs in a market stall – it’s a skill that is used more often than you realize. For IT professionals, it’s an underrated skill to have, and the more effective you are at negotiating, the better you’ll be at your job.

What Makes A Good Team Leader?

Are you thinking about making the move into a team leader role? Or are you just curious about the qualities of a good team leader? It’s quite different to a pure technical role – different skills are involved and not everyone can successfully make the transition from a technical role into a team leader. However, having or building on some of the skills below will help.

Job Hopping Has Its Advantages

The advantages of transitioning employment frequently are explored. Also I look at what may be holding you back from job hopping.

How To Go About Changing Careers

Are you a restaurant manager or a restaurant server? Are you in search for a sudden career change? Well, here are some tips to help you. Most of the restaurant servers start the job as a part time job and end up loving the job as waiting on tables and taking orders etc. can be fun. Moreover the pay is fairly good as well, at least if compared to your age fellows busy graduating etc.; being a restaurant server is a far better job. Many end up as restaurant managers, and many decide on making it a career.

The Convenience and Advantage of Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs nowadays are being used by many people as a source of extra income because these jobs are mostly considered leisure jobs, since they can be done at the person’s own convenience and are not very demanding. These jobs include many things such as freelancing or consultancy work. Some people also use these jobs as a way of having a fallback resource to earn money.

5 Ways to Ace Your Performance Review

Performance evaluations have never been a fun time for anyone. Workers often don’t like them because they feel sandbagged by managers who catch them unaware with complaints. Managers don’t like them because they’d rather not confront unpleasant issues with workers.

Why Start a Career in Phlebotomy?

Those interested to start a career in the healthcare industry should consider phlebotomy as a notable option. There are a number of facts to back up phlebotomy as an excellent career path. Including but not limited to a low entry cost, plenty of employment opportunities and career advancements.

Six of Tomorrow’s Top Engineering Fields

Technological innovations that feed on each other are making the world an ever more exciting place, and will see the rise of new areas of engineering taking over from the old. Here are just a few of the sectors that are increasingly capturing the imagination.

Begin With an “Internal Career Audit”

“I want a more satisfying career, but where do I begin?” When you’re considering making a change in your career, it’s difficult to know where to start. There are usually conflicting thoughts and feelings involved, and too often the result is a kind of paralysis.

The No. 1 Way to Do Job Change Naturally and Effortlessly – And I’ll Prove It To You!

Kan’s story is told in the free webinar ‘Job Change Done Naturally & Effortlessly’ and shows how he wrote down details about times in his life when he was doing something he enjoyed and doing it well. My analysis of those stories revealed a strong motivational pattern based on a big talent. Kan is no one trick pony. He has a broad interest in all matters technical and scientific, and enjoys telling people about them.

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