How Much Does Duc C Vuong Make on YouTube

Should You Run For Political Office?

Are you thinking about running for office? Should you run? Use the tips in this article to find out.

How to Create Your Powerful and Dynamic Image As an Expert in Your Field

If you are looking or about to start looking for a new job, this article is for you. Once you have your resume ready, it is time to embrace modern technology and look into creating your visual image as a professional. No, I do not mean attaching your photo along with the resume. I am talking about creating your powerful and dynamic image as an expert in your field.

Time Wasters to Avoid When Looking For Cruise Ship Jobs

Applying for cruise ship jobs can be tough going. After all, this is a very competitive and attractive industry to work in. However, regardless of how hard it seems, there are several time wasters you should definitely avoid if you want the road to employment on board to be plain sailing.

Create Your Brand Image

Finding the right job and career are not always easy, and the undertaking is especially more challenging in an economy where the job market is tight. However, with some thoughtful risk taking, creativity, and perseverance, you can increase the odds of your success. Creating a Brand Image means you appropriately alert the right players in the job market that you are credible, relevant, unique, and durable. This article explains Brand Image and then identifies 17 marketing strategy questions and tips to guide you along the way.

Quick Internet Tips to Help Find a Job

When a job seeker says “I don’t have Internet access,” or “I’m not Internet savvy,” it cannot be an excuse in this competitive environment the job market has become. Here are some quick thoughts.

Four Steps on How to Get Into Top Medical Assistant Schools

Being a medical assistant could be a lucrative field as it is a subset of the health care professions. Medical assistants (MA) earned as little as $17,640 (the lowest 10%) and earned as high as $34,130 (the highest 10%). Earnings increases with more experience. So you have your mind set to advance into this career? These few guidelines would help propel your admission into a top MA school.

Three Elements on How to Prepare For Your Medical Assistant Training

Knowing what to expect will bring you the distance through your Medical Assistant (MA) training. Therefore your woes of whatever circumstances may bring upon during training would be lessened.

Put Your Career Plan on Paper

There is a reason why all life and career coaches ask you to have things written down. Your ideas may sound great but putting them on paper make them real. If you are going to take responsibility for your career you have to start with a strategy to obtain your goal. Think of yourself as someone standing in a long line for a bank loan. No bank will ever finance a project without a well written business plan and calculation of costs.

Looking For a Job Immediately After Graduation

There are several different ways in which you can prepare yourself to find a good job in the employment market. One of the things that you’ll want to think about is how you are going to be able to get the type of job that you would really like to have. When it comes right down to it, you should be able to make an impact in the type of work that you want to be doing. You should be able to focus on the money that you want to make, as well.

Don’t Have Money to Start a Business? No Need to Worry – You Don’t Need Any

Are you looking to start a business and create an income that can provide you with the financial security that you need? In this day and age when economic uncertainties are the norm many people are searching for ways to either hedge against the loss of a job, build a nest egg for their retirement, save for their kids’ college education, and any number of things that go along with daily living. One of the ways to get enough money to fulfill your hopes and dreams is to begin in business for yourself. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can go.

Survival Of The Fittest (In a Current Job Market)

This expression summarizes how you may feel about current job market. You will not be far from the truth. Recession is very much dog eat dog world where only the best ones will survive and succeed. If you are a job seeker you need to develop some crucial survival skills – no matter what your line of work is. Take a look at those must-have abilities and adopt them in your career.

Cultivate the Right Attitude to Win Your Dream Job

Think of your best selling point. What is it that makes you stand out? How can you use it to your advantage? Are you a people person? Are you a leader? What will sell YOU? Have confidence in your strengths. You will need lots of boldness and determination to achieve your goals.

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