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Get Where You Want to Go Faster: A Dozen Rules To Help You On Your Way Up

The secret of promotion and progress is preparation. Abraham Lincoln’s famous resolve was “I will prepare myself, and my chance will come.” If you want to be promoted, what are you doing to prepare yourself?

How to Land Your Dream Job In 5 Easy Steps

With unemployment rates all over the globe continuously being dismal, landing a job has become a harder feat nowadays. There are a lot of fierce competitions vying for the same job you are eying. But it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a job to jumpstart your career straight out of college or if you’re thinking of leaving your current job for a better career path as long as you understand two things: 1) yourself as the job hunter and 2) the job market and how it works.

As A New Employee How Do I Position Myself To Be Promoted? Part One

Do I need a substantial GPA to be considered by a company? What can I do to be promoted? Where does the process for promotion begin in my career? Once hired, does my quality of work need to be good? Or great? Are promotions based on identifiable criteria? Or is it smoke and mirrors?

It’s Not Always the Industry: Picking a Career That Fits You

Running an executive search firm, I see job candidates consistently choose the wrong career via focusing on an industry rather than pinpointing the right company for them. Here are a few ways to choose the right sales or marketing job, thus ensuring that you not only consistently increase your value as a job seeker, but also that you grow as a person:

Superlative Interviewing

A superlative job interview can be characterized as performing and articulating precise details during the interview process that set you apart and land you the job! The secret to a successful interview begins with just three easy steps…

How to Get Promoted: Eight Ways to Advance in Your Career

There are common traits and behaviors shared by people who are typically selected for promotion. Here are eight things within your control that will help influence management’s decision to promote you to the next level.

Forgotten Keys to Writing a Resume That Works

Writing a readable, effective resume is an important first step in getting your next job. Your resume is often the first impression you get to make with a new or prospective employer. The right impression gets you the chance to interview and prove you’re right for the job.

New Year, New Career?

Apparently 47% of the UK workforce wants to change jobs in the next year. Are you one of them? Do you already feel like it’s been months since the Christmas holiday, and the year is stretching on endlessly? Have you already broken your New Year resolutions and have gone back to just moaning about your boss, company or work-life? If so, don’t despair! Life is too short to dread work every day – and you can make a choice about your career – you just need to know where to start.

Getting Interviews But No Offers?

The job they posted sounds almost like they pulled the description right out of your resume. You have impressive qualifications, some good success stories that fit their industry and their goals, and you have the experience they need. It looks like an offer is almost inevitable. What could possibly go wrong?

Work-Life Balance: 7 Ways On How I Do It

Creating a work-life balance is very difficult. If you’re a career person who continually strives to be the best person in your field and want to have more time for your family at the same time, that can be a real challenge. Creating a work-life balance used to be a struggle for me. I once thought that working longer hours and even bringing home work will make me more successful in my career. It all changed when I decided rethink the way I work and weigh the things that matter to me most.

Career ADD and Job Search – Number One Mistake

If you or someone you know has ADD or ADHD and is struggling to find or decide upon a career, read this. Learn the biggest mistake we make, and how to propel our efforts and rise above the competition and ace the job hunt.

Why More People Are Going the Self-Employed Route

Self-employment. Being your own boss. Sure, it may seem as if it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but with a patience and determination, it’s going to be the BEST thing that has ever happened in your life.

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