How Much Does Eat With Que Make On YouTube

4 Ways To Deal With An Unprofessional Colleague

Why is there always one person at work who seems to ruin it for everyone? Unprofessional employees are everywhere and if you want to succeed as a professional career woman, you need to learn how to deal with these people without it affecting your performance or emotional strength.

How to Balance Your Career and Relationship As a Professional Woman

Do you often wonder how you’re going to fit everything into your day? Your job and your loved ones? Striking a solid balance between your career and relationships is essential for professional and personal happiness and success.

How to Easily Answer 3 Difficult Interview Questions

The inherent problem with attempting to prepare to answer difficult interview questions is that the difficulty and proper response vary so greatly dependent on the interviewer as well as the atmosphere. This is in conjunction with your nerves and overall mood at that particular time which is exceedingly hard to anticipate even though we all try.

Career Change Series – Tip 2 – Set Up Email Alerts With Online Job Boards

Many job-seekers and career changers fall into the trap that all they need to do, or can do, is search for jobs on an online job board such as Online jobs boards are one important tool in the job search and career change process but they are just that, one of a number of important tools.

Career Opportunity in Accounting and Finance and Its Overview

I have a financial careers feature coming up next week. It would focus on accounting, banking and insurance – what range of jobs is available, how you get such jobs, what courses you need to do, what professional courses you should be doing to keep up to date, any conversion courses from other careers to financial careers etc.

How To Be An IT Consultant

So, you want to be an IT consultant? You’ve heard about these IT consultants, seen them in your time in the industry, and thought, “Hey, I can do that to!” Or, maybe even had no idea what they do or how they do it? Read on – learning how to be an IT consultant is actually not as hard as you might think!

Dialysis Technician Training – A Way To Perform A Successful Career

With dialysis technician training, medical professionals work with patients who have kidney failure, caused by other ailments like diabetes, and other medical conditions. First, what does a they do? Dialysis technicians work under supervision and direction of nurses and physicians where they operate dialysis equipment and machines as weak as perform dialysis in patients with chronic and acute kidney disease or kidney failure.

Where To Find Hot Careers

Believe it or not one of the best places to start your search for some of the hot careers available is online. You will find that there are vast arrays of sites that will allow you to search for jobs in your local area as well as jobs that are worldwide or nationwide that would allow you to work from the comfort of your own home.

Important Things to Do In Between Jobs

We all have found ourselves in between jobs for one reason or another. Here are some tips of ways to handle that valuable time.

How Can You Negotiate A Salary Increase?

I’m not earning what I feel is a fair salary for my expertise. What can I do? I’ve been earning “top performance” ratings and still get a 3% increase annually. With inflation on the rise, what can I do? Or better yet, what should I do? I’m just out of university. How do I know what I should earn? If I can’t earn a better income when people around me are earning more, what can I do? If company xyz is going to pay me $10,000 more per year, what am I doing here?

How to Build Self-Confidence and Be Successful

Having self-confidence is like walking around the world with a full body armor suit. You feel strong, safe and take on challenges without fear or anxiety. Building your self-confidence is crucial for success.

What’s a Young Lawyer to Do – What Type of Law Should They Choose?

The other day, I was at Starbucks and I was talking to a young gal who is studying law at one of the local universities. I asked her what type of law she might practice when she graduates. She indicated to me that she wasn’t sure yet, that she was in her first year of law, and she may transfer to another University after a couple of years.

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