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Which Fits Your Style – A Job, Or A Business?

Have you ever asked yourself…”Which fits me better, a Job or a Business?” If you say “YES” to 7 out of the 10 statements below, then a JOB definitely fits you better!

Confusion Around Career Transition Can Be a Moving Target – Now What?

Dramatic transitions that occur beyond our control can stir up emotions of fear, doubt, anxiety and uncertainty. Changes persuade us to move in new directions, yet there is hesitancy to risk moving forward into the unknown. The change may even be a welcomed change. But our comfort zones are strong allies in maintaining the status quo. The past, even though it is gone, is where most people live; using it to make assumptions about the future. The future is unpredictable. Now what?

Companies Are Looking For Benefit Bringers, Not Skill Slingers

Are you a Benefit-Bringer or a Skill-Slinger? Whether you are a professional or executive, or even have your own business, the answer could greatly affect your success. It can determine whether you are selected for promotion, chosen as the desired candidate for a new job, or open doors in the marketplace to the best opportunities…

The Ultimate List – The 7 Best Medical Transcription Companies You Need to Know

After you have obtained your medical transcription certification, you will want to start looking for employment. There are quite a few companies out there that hire medical transcriptionists. Some are better than others, but it is ultimately your choice who you want to work for.

Travel Dialysis Nurse Jobs – How to Get Started in Travel Dialysis Nursing Career

Ever wondered if there were travel dialysis nurse jobs out there ready for the taking? You should look into your options, so let’s get rolling! Read on to learn a lot more.

Are You a Lawyer Feeling Symptoms of Burnout Syndrome?

As lawyers, we know that being a lawyer is nothing like what is portrayed on television. The glitz and glamour shown on TV couldn’t be farther from the truth of our daily grind. There are countless hours spent doing research, interviewing witnesses, and preparing legal documents.

The Ultimate List of the Top 10 Reasons Why Home Based Medical Transcription Jobs Are Wonderful

Everyone has heard of the career field of medical transcription and that it’s great. But do you know why it’s such a terrific job? This article explores ten of the reasons why medical transcription jobs are so wonderful.

The Key Factors Which May Affect the Salaries of Medical Assistants

No matter how well demanded a particular job function is, there are always some surrounding key factors which may affect the salaries of medical assistants in the job market today. For every field, two people performing the same role and task will not be paid with the same wages due to the multiple factors which are contributing to the wage difference paid to the same profession. So, if you are into the medical assistant field, you need to focus and work on those key factors which may help to accelerate the increase in your salaries as a medical assistant.

Nursing Agency – A Booming Industry (As Demand For Nurses is Climbing Steeply)

Demand for nurses is climbing steeply. This is due to care-fueled budget cuts and hiring freezes. Hospitals are looking up for hiring again because of thousands of vacant nursing positions. However, only few are available to fill-in these jobs, thus, worsening nursing shortage.

What’s the Best Home Based Business to Start? A Lot Depends on If You Are an Entrepreneur

Not everyone has the right characteristics and abilities to have a successful home business. Just like anything else in life, some people are more suited for certain jobs or professions than others. Religious ascetics, for example, would as a rule not make very good socialites–and vice versa. People who tend to be more successful as small business entrepreneurs are those that are self-starters and risk takers, and are able to have the patience and diligence to follow through, even when the going gets tough.

Why to Choose Career As a Physical Therapy Assistant and Technician

In recent times the requirement for qualified and well trained physical therapy assistants and technicians has boomed rapidly. In fact, with the rise in health care standards and number of health care centers and clinics, in the next few years the medical industry expects to look for more qualified physical therapist assistants.

Nurses’ Do’s and Don’ts

These are just few of the many things which nurses are supposed to do and avoid. When you had yourself familiar on the dos and don’ts of the hospital, you are making yourself more equipped and more knowledgeable altogether.

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