How Much Does Ellie and Jared Make

4 Traits of Successful Business Men and Women

Men and women who are successful in business all share similar traits. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what commonalities they share? Whilst no magic formulas or magic wands are available here, it is quite evident that successful business people share similar characteristics. Let’s uncover some of these:

Five Keys For New Business Success

How can you make sure your new business succeeds? There are key attitudes that will increase your chance of success, some practical and some to do with attitude. Make sure you maximise your chances of success.

Waitress Tips To Earn More Gratuity

Try to wear something different on your uniform if your establishment or boss will allow it. You could wear a ribbon on your hair, an attractive pin on your blouse, or a colorful bandanna.

10 Ways to Sound Smarter

The words you use in business or an academic setting convey a message about you. Being articulate is often associated with being competent, being able to do the job, being able to rise to new challenges. Here are 10 tips to sound smarter, more professional and to boost your “verbal image”.

Career Opportunities in Digital Photography

A career in digital photography is a very exciting and rewarding career that is an extremely versatile profession. Once you have completed an education at your photography school of choice, one can tailor their photography experience depending on experience level, talent, and topic interest.

The Grass May Be Greener, But Have You Checked the Roots? 3 Questions to Ask Before Making A Change!

“What happened to my beautiful green grass?” I thought, as I surveyed my patch-work looking lawn, following an unseasonably cold weather period in Florida. My first instinct was to feel some irritation toward my lawn for betraying me after I doted on it all summer long. Next, I found myself looking over into my neighbor’s yards to see if their grass was somehow greener; some were, and some weren’t. Luckily, it occurred to me to look a little deeper at the roots of the grass, to assure myself that this was just a temporary situation. Just as I had hoped, just beneath the thatched appearance, sturdy bright green roots waited to emerge to the surface.

What Good Grades Mean to Employers

Besides just a high number on a resume, good grades say a lot about young professionals to employers. Here are some translations that employers deduce from solid university marks.

Essex Jobs Resource – Where to Find the Best Jobs in Essex

Looking for jobs in Essex that pay well and come with good benefits? Or are you looking for great workers with the right qualifications? You might want to check out this great resource for finding the best Essex jobs online. Browse through the listing or post a job ad today for free!

Become A Delta Airlines Flight Attendant

Are you an experienced flight attendant or you just knock to the gate of this beautiful world of air customer service? Delta Airlines is a company that will make you proud to be one of its employees. Why?

Five Throw Away Lines You Shouldn’t Have In Your Resume

Are you using throw away terms in your resume? Maybe you are hurting your image rather than impressing the reader?

Company Secretary Course – Qualities of An Excellent Secretary

The traditional idea of a company secretary being soft spoken and a dispensable employee of a company has changed. A company secretary now is a power figure in any business or organization. This article presents the necessary characteristics needed in order to become a successful company secretary today.

Tips to Making a Salary Negotiation Letter

When in search for a new job, you definitely want something you can enjoy and can get compensated a lot for. Having a job is a necessity to be able to survive, but if everyone had a choice, they would most likely not work at all. This is why it is important that you find a job that you like seeing as you will be spending most of your hours there. If you believe you have found your dream job but aren’t getting the pay you would like, a solution is to make a salary negotiation letter. Learn these tips in how to compose one so that you can be sure that you have tried everything you can to get the best possible salary in that job.

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