How Much Does Emily D Baker Make on YouTube

Changing Careers – 5 Steps to Launching Your Dream Career and Living Your Passion

Many Americans are choosing to follow their passion to a new career, doing what they really love. Here are some practical steps to make your transition a success.

Frictional and Structural Unemployment

In this article I explain the differences of frictional and structural unemployment. I explain, what each unemployment type means, and what are the main factors causing it.

PTLLS – What Does Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Imply?

“Lifelong learning” is now becoming a highly popular concept in the whole world. With technology progressing at unbelievably fast rates, the information and knowledge gained from school, college and university is not always enough. Constant refreshers and reminders about the latest developments in the job sector are absolutely necessary so that businesses can keep up with the pace of discoveries, research and development.

Medical Billing and Medical Coding Professionals Are in Great Demand

The healthcare field is considered to be ‘recession-proof’ meaning that regardless of how poor the economy is, there will always be jobs available. While millions of people are facing layoffs and unemployment due to our faltering economy, the heathcare field is still in great need of qualified personnel.

Free CNA Training

Free Training? Bet you’re thinking how can this not be a scam or some hidden strings attached. You don’t have to look very far either, some employers will pay for your training, hospitals, local organisations and online sites will offer you all the training you need.

ABC and T of Skills For Success in Creative Graphic Design

As a graphic arts designer, you are expected to be well-versed in a variety of disciplines from advanced computer technology to traditional art forms as well as possess desirable personal characteristics. Indeed, to be successful in the world of creative graphic design, you have to possess the following talents and skills even while you are still studying for your degree.

What You Need to Know About Graphic Design Jobs

In many ways, graphic design jobs are very rewarding. On one hand, you are able to reach many people through your designs in ways that touch, shock and awe them. Indeed, no other profession can elicit the same reactions. On the other hand, the variety of jobs available, all of which pay well in the financial sense, allow graphic designers the means to escape the stereotypical image of the starving artists. Depending on the location and experience, you can expect to earn anywhere from $38,000 to $57,000 per year.

Do You Accept This Challenge? How to Meet Underemployment Head On

What will you accept? What will you do? How do you cope with being underemployed?

The Secret to a Healthy Holistic Healing Business

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index data which was collected in the first eight months of 2009, business owners enjoy the highest level of overall well-being. As a healing practitioner, you are probably not surprised by this report. Most likely you went into the holistic healing business to create a higher level of well-being not only for others, but for yourself.

Coffee Business

Coffee shops and coffee houses are springing up everywhere. Self employed people all over the world are taking on the big chain coffee shops and doing a damn good job of it too. There are loads of new coffee houses offering top quality products, giving great service and a smile with every purchase, something the big chains are missing even though they may claim that have it all.

Modeling Comp Cards – Going Away Sooner Than Later!

This is it. With the economy slowly but surely turning around modeling agencies are going all digital now. They are passing this upfront cost to the models but long term the models will save a ton of money. Ladies and gents it is time to kiss the comp cards and head shots goodbye.

Growing Careers – The Top Ten Jobs For the Next Decade

With high unemployment rates in the United States, many people are either out of work, underemployed, or hoping to move out of a dead-end job. But amid the gloom of high unemployment there are rays of light. At the start of the new decade some job categories are growing and providing opportunities for people who have the right training. We examine the top ten job categories that the U.S. Government predicts will show the largest increase in the number of new opportunities during the current decade 2008-2018.

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