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Getting Out of the Full Time Job Market – How Do I Know What I Want?

Do you fit yourself into what others want from you? Do you live your life fulfilling a long list of needs? Have you ever asked yourself what you really want in your life? Is your career hindering you in your goals or assisting you to be all that you are meant to be?

Want to Get Things Done? – Follow Up

Take a step that most professionals don’t, follow up. This approach can separate you from the crowd in a positive way!

Medical Assistant Salary Range

Medical Assistant salary ranges are one of the fastest growing nationwide and can provide huge benefits for those interested in becoming a Medical Assistant. As the need for medical and nursing workers is growing all over the country, the salary ranges are steadily growing as well. Indeed, this is one of the rapidly fast growing careers in the whole world, thanks in big part to the global shortage of medical assistants available to fill open positions.

Holiday Blues – Jobless and Underemployed Questions and Answers – To Crack the Career Code

I’ve been through two major corporate layoffs in my career and guess when they occurred? You’re right, just before the holidays – the worst possible time of the year. Holiday shopping, parties, or schussing down the ski slopes just can’t shake the blues. Worrying about where and when your next job will materialize is about as stressful as it gets.

Looking For Legal Jobs with a Good Salary? Check This Out!

Working within a legal field can be a job which is enlivening, stressful and which is also rewarding for the person who has this kind of profession. Legal jobs can give you the chance to help others while earning money for your family. Most of the time, people with this kind of profession also have higher pays and aside from earning you can also help others.

Increasing One’s Salary in a Business Related Field

If you are working for a certain company, your skills and abilities are very much needed in order to cope up with the different tasks that might come your way. The skills that you have will tell your employer how good you are when it comes to your performance and this can be the reason for them to increase the present salary that you have into a bigger one.

Common Mistakes That Hinder Beekeeping Businesses

Beekeeping is a very rewarding activity but not to those people who are not aware of the factors to consider that can determine beekeeping business. As the saying goes, you can learn from your own mistakes but committing mistakes can waste a lot of money.

Don’t Leave Me Hanging

I have been in my area of expertise for more than 20 years now. It’s amazing how small my community really is and how interconnected we are. I often encounter people who I worked with or clients of firms I worked with many years after I have left.

Things That Employers Notice During a Job Interview

Nervous about your job interview? Just in case you’re a newbie applicant and are scheduled to face one, you should not fret. All you have to do is remember a few things besides answering questions and all that.

Is This Your Breakout Year?

What is the equivalent of a breakout year if you own a business or have a side hustle you run while working full time. Is it that you have a product or service that the demand is high for? Could it be you conduct a seminar that for the first time instead of 2 people you have 20? Still could it be you’ve finally see that all the work you’re doing is paying off?

How to Leave a Job Professionally – What to Do and What Not to Do

Leaving a job is never easy. In the current economy, many people don’t even dream of this situation, but some people face it nonetheless. You never know when that old job will come in handy, so you should always be professional in your exit, no matter what. It is never wise to burn bridges.

Reacting to Redundancy – Things to Do

The current downturn in the global economy has created an environment with an ever-increasing level of threats to all of us. These threats are often outside of your control and therefore, there is little or nothing that you can do to stop them affecting you.

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