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A Career Change – 5 Must Take Steps

Dissatisfaction, boredom, changing life styles and limited advancement or compensation opportunities headline traditional career change lists. But today career change drivers are just as likely to be for non-elective reasons. No matter if your decision is driven by a pursuit for happiness or a pursuit for survival; follow these important rules to insure a smart and lasting career change.

Unique Laptop Bags As Personal Branding

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. How you present yourself is as much a part of that first impression as what you say. The laptop bag you choose is an important piece of your personal branding and there are many factors to consider.

A Career Shift From LPN Or Paramedic to RN

There are ways to practice a nursing profession: one way is by being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or by being a Registered Nurse. If you are already a Licensed Practical Nurse, then you know that a Registered Nurse earns more than what you usually do on a regular basis.

Career Advice – Conquer Fear of Mistakes to Make Career Progress

People tend to hunker down in these trouble times when people are losing their jobs right and left. They spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders, afraid to take chances and assume more responsibility because for fear they will make mistakes. The result is that careers are slowed down, even stalled or derailed, because advancements can only come by taking calculated risks and reaching out to take on more responsibility. This article discusses eight steps one can take to minimize the fallout from inevitable mistakes.

Unemployment Benefits Not Always Beneficial

What if the very programs that are supposed to help the unemployed are actually prolonging unemployment? Beyond the staggering cost to the government, there are other implications to extending unemployment benefits. Research strongly suggests that a long stretch of unemployment compensation actually prolongs the high unemployment rate.

Jobs Working With Christian People – Can You Find the Perfect Work Environment?

To some in the workplace it is important to find a company or organization that will support their belief system. Although workers are protected by US law from discrimination based upon any religion, many employees aspire to work in a company whose culture encourages openness or at least allows for diverse viewpoints. So where can you find jobs working with Christian people?

Be Who You Are

Think for a moment about how much you try to “do, do, do.” Perhaps you often end your days feeling as if you didn’t get enough done. It’s a debilitating cycle to continually feel like you are not doing enough. And, of course this triggers a deeper rooted feeling of simply not believing YOU are enough…

Thriving at All Times If You Can’t Do the Thing You Love

If you are NOT living a thriving life right now, you are probably wasting precious energy fretting about the challenges and obstacles presented by your current situation and circumstances. Acknowledging the frustration or negative emotions tied to your current situation and circumstances is the starting point for designing and living your unique thriving success story.

What’s Retirement? – Future Careers Might Not Be So Lucky

Growing up, many children are taught that you go to school, choose a career, work for a certain period of time, and then retire. While this has been the way of the working world for some time now, it’s certainly not looking like the way of the future. Find out why children today might never enjoy the retirement experience.

Who Should Pursue a Career in IT?

IT job requires those who possess positive attitude, good work ethic, and is able to add value to company development. To succeed in this field, you should also be a fast learner and passionate about IT.

Keys to Succeed in Computer or IT Jobs

To succeed in IT-related jobs, you need to know your skill strengths and interests. It helps to specialize in more than one IT area (and possess a set of computer skills). Besides that, you should also examine how you can best contribute and fit into the organization. Remember that you are an asset to the company and that your skills help to improve the company’s overall success.

Careers on Cruise Ships to Enjoy the Life

Upon making the decision to seek a career working on a cruise ship, it is imperative to check into all the opportunities that will result in this venture. The length of time necessary with cruise ship jobs is often a circumstance that most people do not consider.

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