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Career Coaching – Get Started in an Interesting Career

Career Coaching is an interesting and growing career field. To get started there are some basic requirements that you will need to take. One of the most common steps is getting your career coaching qualification diploma. Depending on what school you chose to complete your education, there are a number of different programs to choose from.

Career Coaching – The Balanced Approach is Best!

It was so simple when we were little. We would be asked what we wanted to do when we grew up. Many times we had a definite answer. Of course we all wanted to be firemen if there was a firehouse in the neighborhood or if we had an uncle who was a railroad engineer nothing could match the idea of driving a steam belching locomotive or an aunt who was a school teacher seemed exciting. Now things are a bit more complicated-but here’s an approach that works every time it’s tried.

Career Planing – A Grandmother’s Success!

Career planning does not have to be expensive. It does not to have elaborate actions plans for overall career success. What it needs is a passion to reach a career goal. Here’s the story of a 63 year old grandmother, whose name is Marie, who had no real computer experience but decided she wanted to build and customize computers and other high tech gadgets.

Career Advice – How to Properly Fire Someone

Not every hire becomes a superstar. Employee performance changes over time. An employee gets a new supervisor and there is a personality clash. Company policy changes or older policies are now enforced, all can lead someone getting fired. Here are some ideas on properly handling the termination.

Career Planning – Challenging Human Resource Positions

The career path of the Director of Human Resources is usually filled with someone with a background in communications, business, and the human resource field and employee relations. The job is different every day with challenges around every corner. Also, the skills learned in one organization are easily transfered to another organization. Here an overview of some on the duties of the career.

Career Planning – Find out About Yourself – Take a Free Test!

A career planning or assessment test, of which there are many types, can be a valuable tool in helping you find your career direction. There are values inventories, interest inventories, achievement and aptitude tests, personality assessments, and career maturity tests. Here are some suggested tests to get you started in your career planning.

Career Planning – 5 Critical Mistakes

You’ve heard a lot about career planning. We’ve may have read what Brian Tracy said about developing career goals, “An average person with average talent, ambition and education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear focused goals.” Why then do more people make mistakes at career planning? What do they not do to manage working out a career plan?

Career Planning – Your Guide to a Successful Future!

Having a career plan is a useful tool to monitor your career progress. It cannot be overemphasized the importance of having a realistic workable career plan. The operative words here are that you work the plan. You monitor your career progress and over time you make adjustments to your career plan as circumstances change. Here are some basic ideas to start planning and managing your career.

Future Success Starts with a Winning Career Plan!

Jack had worked at Wal-Mart for over four years and was in his early 20’s. In the past year he was promoted to department manger in his local store. His education ended at high school although he had gone to a junior college for one semester. He had visions of someday being a store manager but had no idea how to advance his career to that level. Here’s the outline of Jack’s career plan.

Using Telecommuting Job Listings Might Not Be an Option

Telecommuting is a work at home job using a computer connected to the network of another employer. In order to find a good telecommuting job, you must consult a specialized telecommuting job listing on the internet or on a company’s web site. There are typically not many positions available on these telecommuting job listings because these positions generally get filled very quickly as they are in high demand. A much better option would be to get involved in freelancing and working at home.

Career Advice – Rude People Foul The Nest At Work

Career Advice: Building a successful career is no walk in the park. Competition is fierce. Pressure and stress are always lurking around, ready to make things more difficult. Tempers get frayed. Good manners are often overlooked in this environment. It doesn’t take a career counselor to know that rude people foul the nest for everyone. By the same token those who are civil and considerate in the work place have a leg up on the competition. Here are three steps to dealing with rudeness on the job.

The 9 Major Benefits of Having a Career Coach

If you are serious about finding the perfect job, keep reading. This article provides answers to all of your questions about hiring a career coach.

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