How Much Does Essential Craftsman Make On YouTube

10 Ultra-Destructive Mistakes to Avoid

Life is accumulative. It unfolds through the compounded decisions made from day to day. Herein lays one of life’s great mysteries that shouldn’t be so mysterious. Many go through life without any real thought or planning for their futures. They fly by the seat of their pants, and you know it’s been said; “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The Table Stakes of Leadership – And What to Look for On Character

Having spent a significant amount of time in talking with and evaluating leaders in all functional areas of a business organization; a great many of them make similar “no cost” investments that dramatically improve the effectiveness of their people and business. Here is one of the key “Table Stakes of Leadership” — And what to look for on — CHARACTER.

Up and Coming Careers For 2012 Part I

So you think you might want a career as a criminal investigator? Why? Is it because you like television shows like CSI or NCIS? Remember, those are television shows and they certainly do not depict real life. So let’s explore what you need to become a CI and if it is actually something for you.

Skills Needed To Become a Successful Electrician

Electricians have the duty to install & maintain fuses, wiring and varied other electrical parts necessary to infuse electricity in homes, factories and other commercial spaces. In this age, when everything is so electrically defined, it’s needless to mention that electricians would be in high demand everywhere. Thus people planning for the electricians’ career have excellent job prospects almost anywhere.

How Level 3 and 3A Body Armor Differ From Each Other

Looking at the standard set by the National Institute of Justice, you will notice the “A” in every level. For instance, there are level 3 and level 3A body armor. This poses a lot of questions from users especially those who are new to this kind of protective clothing.

Want to Flourish in Work and Life? Develop Greater Positivity!

In her book, “Positivity,” psychologist Barbara L. Fredrickson draws on years of research, as well as examples from her own experience, in describing how you can build a more flourishing life. Fredrickson defines the term “positivity” to include a broad range of thought patterns and emotions including joy, serenity, amusement, hope and inspiration.

Physical Therapist Assistant Educational Requirements

Like all other occupations, a physical therapist assistant is required to acquire formal physical therapist assistant education, followed by licensure in order to qualify to practice as a professional in this field. A physical therapist assistant works under the supervision of a professional PT to provide rehabilitation and therapeutic services to people suffering from injury, illness or any other disability that limit their daily functional activities. They monitor the patient’s developmental progress, teach them how to use the required medical devices and the exercises they are required to carry out themselves.

5 Effective Phone Interview Tips

Phone interviews are often disregarded in the job interview process. In actuality, it is the single most important step. Want to know why?

How Do You Commit To A Career Path? Breaking the Cycle of Career Hopping

In your professional life are you the tortoise or the hare? The tortoise sticks with one path and the hare hops from one field to another searching for the next best thing.

Career Jumping: Are You Trapped in This Cycle?

Are you spending too much time chasing every passion, pursuit, vocation, or venture that interests you? Don’t fall into the “career hopping” trap.

Provoking A Conversation: When Tweets Are Really for the Birds

We love communication but we don’t necessarily love conversation. And for many, they don’t like having a conversation that’s deeper than 144 characters.

Is Age Keeping You Trapped In Your Career? What Three Entertainers Can Teach Us

George Burns, Bob Hope, and Irving Berlin didn’t let age get in the way of their lengthy careers. What they can teach us about age and work.

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