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The Department of Real Estate Transitions to NMLS California

On January 4, 2010, the state began accepting filings through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). NMLS is part of the Secure and Fair Enforcement Mortgage License Act. It was designed so that the mortgage industry will have higher professional standards.

It Is More Essential Than In The Past To Make An Impression On The Boss At Work

It appears like just about everyone is in danger of getting let go these days. Because of that, it’s critical for you to learn the best way to become more valuable at work so you don’t get the pink slip. This post will help you with this crucial task.

The Importance of Certification for IT Employees

Having the right credentials means having the training and education necessary to be a star performer and excel at your job. Certificates are like licenses, and they help to provide confidence to the hiring manager that you are capable of performing and implementing the skills that you learned during the certification process.

A CNA Training Class and Passing The Clinical Portion Of the Certification Exam

Taking a CNA training class will allow you to tackle the clinical skills test section of the certification exam and pass it with flying colors which will allow one to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). The clinical skills test portion of the exam is usually the most dreaded part of the certification exam which also includes written portion.

Career Change: A Winning Approach!

Almost everyone planning to change careers face a big obstacle. If you don’t have the required experience how can you get hired into your new planned career?

Executive Speaking Skills: Get to the Point and Project Your Voice

The opening of The King’s Speech, starts with the King stammering his way through a speech in front of 120,000 people. While you may not face that level of pressure, having the ability to deliver effective presentations is an important skill to fast track your career, especially into senior ranks. Often a better presenter will be promoted ahead of a manager with superior technical skills. As an executive speech coach, I am invited to work with senior executives to help them iron out difficulties they have communicating with their key stakeholders, like board of directors or clients. Here we examine two common obstacles facing managers and executives in China and suggest a few solutions. Don’t worry, none of them involve smoking cigarettes or putting marbles in your mouth!

Medical Assistant Training First – Certification Benefits to Follow

Medical assistants are in strong demand. Training may help prepare graduates for their medical assistant certification exam, sought by many employers.

How to Adapt Your CV for A Job Application

Do you need to do something with your CV that will help you get a job? Here are a few handy pieces of advice that should help you adapt your CV for any job you want to get.

Why You Might Consider Early Retirement

Would you ever consider early retirement? Whether you have a choice or not, this article will highlight some of the best reasons to seriously consider accepting it.

How to Find a Job After Years of Unemployment

A while back you may have had to quit a job due to illness or for the fact you wanted to stay home and take care of your kids. Whatever the reason, you may now be wanting to join other job seekers and try and find a job again. You may however; in your quest for employment might discover that the work force and the industry that you were once in may have changed quite a bit since the last time you were gainfully employed and it may be a lot harder to find work. If you prepare yourself and are willing to take a proactive part in your job search, you should be able to find something.

How to Handle a Fellow Employee That Loves to Gossip On The Job

  If you just got a new job, you know that you are going to be the bottom guy in the rankings and there are going to be a lot of things you are going to have to learn and a lot of different people that you don’t know that you are going to have to get to know in order to be able to have a pleasant working environment or you may end up on that job search again. So with all that going on with your new job, how do you handle or get a long with…

From Employee To Self-Employed: Is It Really Possible?

Being self-employed can be exciting, rewarding and challenging yet there are things that you must consider if you want to shift from secure employment to being self-employed. The advantages of being self-employed are obvious: You are your own boss, you enjoy a flexible work schedule and, above all you earn good money from working on something you enjoy. It’s perfect for self-directed people who value their autonomy.

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