How Much Does Fashion Mumblr Make On YouTube

Career Move, Social Media and Personal Branding – Use it Wisely

If you are looking for a career move or are in the unfortunate position of having been made redundant take a close look at how you are using social media. The following article will provide tips on how to use social media for positive personal brand impact.

College Student Jobs Are Always Available, You Just Have to Find the Right One

Wise men have said that you should find jobs that you love doing so you will not feel that you are working. So even if you are a working student and even if the jobs are limited, try your hardest to find the job that you really want.

Education Opens Doors

Throughout my youth, I always heard ‘get a good education, get a good job and work hard.” In my case, the inference was a good high school education. My father believed there was no point educating a female beyond high school because she would not amount to anything anyway. He insisted his son attend college. Fortunately for me, I had other ideas. Long story, short version, I not only graduated from college with honors but proceeded to earn masters degrees.

Short New Career Change Story

When John gets up every morning, he is miserable that he has to go to the office. The thought of going to the office that he has been going to for the past 18 years puts him off and he gets up from bed with a scowl. His best friend who lost his job with a bank has started online marketing business and is not only earning well but is also able to enjoy a stress free life.

Give Me Experience!

Most people entering the business world come up against the need for experience and yet no one is willing to give them their big break; the chance to actually get some of that experience. I remember my early days, fresh out of university trying to find a job, sobbing on the phone to my mother that no one is willing to give me a chance and with money running short I desperately wanted to get a job in my industry and not give into the need for money, by working a checkout.

How to Get Your Snow Plow Business Started

With winter here and a lot of people losing their jobs, many are looking for ways to make money and offering snow plowing or snow shoveling services is a great way to get started. I was contacted by a new lawn care and snow plowing business owner and he asked “I have always wanted to start my own snow removal and lawn care business but I guess you would say I’m green when it comes to it. I kinda have a good idea on what I need on the lawn care side but I would really appreciate any help…

Getting Fit For Work

Seems to me that the quality of work requirements have changed. Work seems to be just that, “Work.” Our idea of work is defined as what you do to earn a living. You may not necessarily like the job, but it does pay the bills.

How to Handle a New Job

This article discusses how you can easily fit into an existing organization. This is a cause of concern for a lot of people when they’re starting on a new job. The best advice is to act naturally and do not try too hard to fit in.

Top Advice Before You Spend Your Redundancy Money on Becoming a Taxi Driver

One occupation most people have the skills for is driving and an increasing amount of people are deciding to become a taxi or private hire driver. They believe that this job will enable then to have a stress free life without having any one to answer too while enjoying themselves earning money while doing something they enjoy.

What Not to Wear to Work – Dress Code Violations

When you begin working in a new environment, it’s important to know what not to wear to work. This is important because the way you dress at work affects how you are viewed by your colleagues. If your attire and general appearance is sloppy, your employer may think that your work will also be sub par. You want to make sure that you are dressing to impress. Follow these tips below and you should be able to avoid dress code violations.

How Lucrative is a Massage Therapy Career?

Massage therapy is definitely a strong career opportunity to look into. Unlike many other job options, massaging offers you a great deal of flexibility.

From College to Career – Things a Fresher Needs to Know About the Corporate World

It is important to know the basics of the corporate conducting in order to fit into it efficiently. Although the workplace rules are different form one organization to the other, the core corporate values are more or less the same. Observance of these minute details can help a college fresher to achieve greater corporate success.

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