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How to Find Your Ideal Career

Many people have a picture of their ideal career and others wish they had. But the truth is, your ideal career might not exist. However, that is not a bad thing. What it means is that there is probably more than one career or combination of careers which would be ideally suited to you. And in a world where job insecurity is rife, that is very good news.

Should You Wear a Novelty Necktie For a Job Interview?

You’re fortunate enough to get invited for a job interview. You have prepared well – have done your research, polished your resume, and memorized your lines. You got everything in place. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to dress up for the big day. It’s wise of course to check out your wardrobe and see what you should be wearing. You probably had in mind the ideal look – the suit, the dress shirt, the trousers, the leather shoes, and the tie.

The Power of Presentation

More than dressing the part, you need to act the part. A huge part of the first impression you make is made before you open your mouth. In fact, it’s probably made no later than when you have crossed the office and shaken the hand of the person you are meeting – and very possibly long before that. It’s the result of the non-verbal communication that we all send and receive at a very visceral level.

Don’t Procrastinate – It’s Not TOO Late to Brand Yourself After Age 50

According to experts on the subject of procrastination, twenty percent (20%) of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. At the age of 50, the cost of procrastination becomes more expensive…the need to do the “undone” becomes more urgent. What do you really want to accomplish in your life, regardless of your age? And, what causes you not to pursue your heart’s desire with velocity?

Career in Master of Science in Nursing

There are many leading universities and nursing schools that are offering degrees in Master of Science in Nursing. The MSN program is one of the few popular nursing courses designed to address the increasing nursing and nursing faculty shortage by preparing nurse administrators, faculty in nursing education, and educators for health care institutions. Learn more about Master of Science in Nursing and how it can boost your career in nursing.

Career Advice – Workers Feeling Job Stress, Too

Yes, managers are under a great deal of pressure, turbulent times and all of us are well advised to take this condition into account in managing relationships with them. It has never been more important for everyone to focus on the job at hand, do it in the best way possible and tread lightly so as to avoid undue confrontations.

Managing Your Termination

As a former senior executive in charge of Human Resources for over 20 years, I was involved in more than my fair share of employee terminations. While these events are never enjoyable for any of the parties involved, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind if and when you find yourself in this situation.

Free Career Planning – Understanding Your Skills

Does this sound like you, “I need help deciding what career to choose.” Well clarity comes from knowing what you have got in terms of skills and experience combined with what you like and what is available in your job market. Here is a bit of free career planning advice. It is great reviewing career descriptions to see what looks attractive but in my experience it is much more powerful reviewing a career description from the strong foundation of self knowledge. Know what you have done and what you are good at.

Career Change — How to Quit Your Job With a Smooth Exit Strategy

In movies, people always quit their jobs dramatically, with much yelling. Sometimes, their equally disgruntled co-workers cheer them on. But that’s not real life. In real life, you don’t want to “burn bridges” when you resign from a job. Here are 3 tips for a smooth departure.

Your Crayons Are Your Brand – What Color Are They?

I recently took an on-line quiz that tells what color crayon you would be – if you were a crayon. I was yellow. Okay, it’s a silly quiz but it got me thinking about a person’s true colors. Are you showing your true colors to the world or are you a chameleon, changing colors depending on the person you’re meeting with, or because of a certain image you’re trying to project in business or at work?

Choosing Artist Management As a Profession

Proper artist management is one key to one’s success. Proper handling of talent makes it effective for people to like them.

Know the Secrets of Success In Any Business

I am the owner and operator of a cyber cafe in a student-dominated area of state capital Patna. It is first of its kind in Patna, providing world class facilities in a backward area like this. Opening a cyber cafe was a challenge in this competitive environment right from its opening. I would like to share how I managed to open this.

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