How Much Does Featureman Make on YouTube

The Importance Of Software Testing

Software testing is an important part of the systems development life cycle. It has its own phase in the process and has its own specialised IT professionals. Why is it so important? What would happen if we didn’t do software testing? Read on to find out more.

Make Music When Tooting Your Horn

In this piece I encourage individuals to embrace self-promotion. Specific techniques are provided to assist people in comunicating their workplace value.

Know About CNA Salary Affecting Factors

Individuals, housewives and students, who are searching immediate source of income for meeting their everyday expenses can enrol in a CNA Class. The nursing schools not only train them in the direct patient care knowledge and skills, but also prepare them for a CNA Certification exam because the earning of a CNA Certification by passing the exam would earn them the OBRA-87 mandated nursing care skills that are essential for working in hospitals and nursing homes. The certification also legally allows them to join a hospital or nursing home for a sustainable salary and job.

How to Cope With CNA Shortages and Halt Exodus From Nursing Facilities

Certified Nursing Assistants are trained in basic nursing care skills through CNA classes, but they are also most neglected health care professionals in the nursing industry. Although, they are valuable members of any medical team and play a vital role in easing nursing shortages, they are still paid meager CNA Salary which is not even sufficient to meet their bare minimum needs.

How To Get An Entry Level IT Job

Entry-level IT jobs are the jobs that most IT professionals start at. They’re appealing to those who have just finished studying or those looking for a career change. If you’re looking for an entry-level job or wondering how to get one, read on.

Job Hunting – Just a Form Filling Exercise?

Job hunting whatever your age, can be a soul destroying experience. At a time when your confidence and self esteem have probably already taken a hammering, to make matters worse, prospective employers really do come up short when it comes to exercising some positive feedback to job candidates.

How to Be Successful As an Entrepreneur

If you’re willing to become an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to be successful in your business. Starting your own business, you must reach high and fight for your dreams to come true. You will win your dreams when you know how to be successful and how to make yourself happy in life.

3 Reasons Why Apps Fail

There are over 700,000 apps on the Apple App Store with another 700,000 on Google Play (Android). And here’s the kicker: Over 65% of those apps will never recover their costs. That means most app developers fail to make it in the app industry, and that’s a pretty significant figure…

Simple Steps To Fight Boredom For Security Guards

Working as a security guard can become monotonous and staying fresh and alert can sometimes be a challenge. In this article 4 options are given to keep boredom at bay.

If Your Career Was a Blind Date, Would It Make It to the Third Date and Beyond?

This article posses the simple question, if your career was a blind date, would you make it to the third date and beyond? Or would you make your excuses somewhere in the middle of the main course on the first date and never look back? Life is too short to be stuck in a rut you call a career.

How To Make A Career Change Into IT

Are you working in a non-IT field and thinking of making a career change into the IT industry? You’re not a long – many people have done this before, but it’s not easy. It requires planning, patience, and possibly some further education to make the career change successful.

What The Sequester REALLY Means For Your Job Search (And 7 Tips On What You Can Do About It)

A guide to what job hunters can expect in the current marketplace, based on what is happening in Congress, or the lack thereof. Defines what the ongoing “sequester” is and what it means to you and your job search personally. A poll recently indicated that most Americans don’t know what the sequester is or how it affects them. Here’s what you can do about it.

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