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Personal Goals – Energize Your Career in the Year of the Tiger

What are your personal goals for the Year of the Tiger? Are you looking to energize your lackluster career this year? In many parts of the world, people will be celebrating the Lunar New Year (some may refer to it as Chinese New Year).

Breaking Old Habits to Further Your Career

Like most other creatures, human beings live their lives through habits and rituals. Even if a particular habit is not in the least bit beneficial we continue to act on it for the fear of breaking routine. Smokers in particular will be familiar with this habitual nature of ours, as a vast majority will light up in certain situations (when having a coffee, or a chat on the phone) without even questioning if they really need it or having made the conscious decision to do so.

The Four Day Work Week – Why You Need One and How to Get One

Do you feel that two days of weekend time is not enough to do what you want? Do you get to Monday and think wow, what happened to the weekend? Why do I feel I’ve accomplished nothing? Yep, I do. Are you trying to start up a business after hours but never seem to have enough time! Yes that’s me too. Well, for some, a four day work week could be a reality. Read on to learn how I did it.

Prepare For a Career Fair – What You Should Do Before Your Fair

When you attend a job fair, it might seem like a simple excursion. You’ll pack up your resume, put on your best outfit, and be on your way. However, with so many employers in one place, you should treat a career fair much more like an interview and make sure that you are prepared. Read on for more!

A Single Spark – Searching For a Career You’ll Enjoy

Discussion of ideas on how to improve the quality of your professional career. Philosophical take on career fulfillment.

Avoid Destroying Your Career With These Common Interview Mistakes

Getting started or moving up in a career takes careful well planned choices. Learn how to avoid these common interview blunders and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Best Jobs For Ex Felons, Offenders

Ex felons or offenders who are looking for a job have their work cut out. In today’s economic times with all the lay offs and the unemployment rate so high there are plenty of candidates for employers to choose from. And it will be very difficult for the ex felon or offender to be considered a candidate for employment.

US Unemployment Rate Dropped in January 2010

US Labour Department recently announced that the unemployment rate in January 2010 had dropped from 10% to 9.7%. The figure was obtained from a survey of households. It showed that the number of American employees had rose by 541,000.

Business Printing Makes Your Company Appear More Professional

When you own a business, it is tempting to print everything you need from your computer. Of course, this is the less expensive way to go.

Quitting Your Job to Start a Business? Consider These First

When office-related stress comes to a head, it’s often tempting to troop into your boss’s office, slap a resignation letter on his desk and yell, “I QUIT!” But are you really ready to quit your job to find another — or start a new business altogether? Here are a few things to consider first.

How Gauges Can Help Your Career

Everybody knows how tough this economy is right now. We’re all in turmoil over our jobs. Either you’ve lost your job or are sticking with it.

Money Plus Status Does Not Equal Happiness

Most of us have been raised in a world where society tends to teach us that our success in life depends upon what our house and car look like or what we “do” instead of who we are. Whether we realize it or not, the world continuously teaches us what true happiness is really about. It’s time to be acutely aware of the signs.

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