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Career Advice – How to Market Yourself For a Job

If you are looking for a job, think of yourself as a product to be sold…for example, a box of cereal or a new service from a bank. Think of employers as buyers. You need a marketing plan to make the sale. Such a plan contains three elements: (1) what you have to sell; (2) where to sell it; and (3) how to communicate the selling message to prospective buyers.

Managing Your Career in a Recession – Are You Focusing on the Right Things?

As the economy falters, and careers are thrown into crisis by the power struggles for survival within your organisations, it might seem to you that career planning might be either a waste of time or just plain impossible! Although we may not be able to control the events that affect us, we can certainly shift our mindset to see the bigger picture, spot the new seeds that are being planted and create the supportive environment that will allow them to flourish for our immediate and future benefit…

Setting Your Strategy in Turbulent Times

Have you ever wondered how some people always manage to stay calm and clear headed about the correct steps to take, even in the most challenging of circumstances? There are two key factors in how they do this, and I explore each in this article.

Triggers For Career Change – And How to Get Started

It is one of life’s supreme ironies – no sooner have we arrived at the place we aimed for back in our 20s, we start to feel like it is all wrong! In our 30s to 40s our apparently solid ground can shift, leaving a void. Issues arising at this time can feel intractable and more serious than before. As a career coach I have seen this triggered in several ways which I will explore in this article – along with what you can do about it right now!

Recession Proof Business – Good Jobs in a Bad Economy

During the beginning of the first quarter of 2009 things don’t look too promising for our economy. More and more businesses are downsizing, because of slow business return, or are anticipating a significant loss of revenue. With the media and public attention on all of the businesses that are cutting their work staff, more companies are following the same trend. There are so many people that are currently unemployed and are looking for the good jobs in a bad economy.

What If Your Boss is Your Bully? – Tips to Handle the Ordeal

Stories abound about boss who instead of observing proper decorum in the workplace to be model of decency to his workers, he is the one tormenting them – making them see the monster hiding behind him; thus, making them cower in fear whenever they see him in the office. A lot of workers then would think of running away from work through the fastest exit possible just to avoid his presence and all. Well, before you let yourself go insane, try any of these to solve the problem.

Making a Career Change After the Big 4-0

In these tough economic times, many women over 40 are considering a career change. Perhaps you’re one of them. Maybe you’ve been forced to make a change because of the many layoffs that have happened around the country. Or maybe your job just doesn’t hold the allure for you that it once did.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Every employee in the world is aware of an often stated but simple fact. In any line of business you will be paid the lowest possible amount that your employer can get away with. It is true now always has been.

How Effective is Your Executive Bio?

Your bio is a branding piece – an advertisement – for and about you. Unfortunately, though, it’s not easy to write. Want proof? Think about all the bland, boring bios of other people you’ve read over the years. Resumes are difficult to write – but bios are even harder.

Trucking Jobs – How to Save 30k in Two Years and What to Do With It

Learn how to save 30-50k in two years as a truck driver. This article is very eye opening as we show you a unique way to do so.

Welcome Back Jobs of Yesteryear!

I always thought that college was supposed to prepare a person to join the workforce. So when did college become a place that prepares a person for getting experience? Who in their right minds wants to spend 4 years of their life learning and many thousands of dollars just so they can be told, “Sorry, you need more experience.” Somewhere along the line, the mentality of the academic world has become consistent with one of my favorite quotes: “Always remember that you’re unique… just like everybody else.”

Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Makeovers Using Your Unique Selling Proposition

Learn what a unique selling proposition (USP) is, why it is so valuable, and what questions you must ask yourself to find yours! You’ll also learn the importance of integrating them into your cover letter, resume and interviews to stand out from the crowd. This is part I of two-part series of articles on unique selling propositions.

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