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Four Ways to Boost Your Organizational Power

For advocates of organizational change, power is the ability to get things done either by influencing others or by making decisions. Possessing power means that colleagues are more likely to do what you ask, respect your opinion, and follow you in the direction you want to go. Fortunately, power is not something you can buy or take. It can only be given to you by others. Follow these four ways to earn more organizational power.

The Bright Side of Getting Fired

Time for some soul-searching. People get fired from their jobs for a lot of reasons, such as a company struggling in today’s economy, poor job performance, corporate politics, or even petty jealousies. Being fired is a real shot to the ego regardless of the reason. The first question one asks is, “Why?” Unfortunately, we don’t always get the answer, maybe because companies are afraid of possible litigation resulting from the dismissal or they believe they are trying to let the worker down easily. Consequently, employees are dumbfounded as to why they were fired or are left with a fabricated excuse, which, to me, can be more damaging than the actual firing itself.

4 Things That Will Completely Derail an Interview

Want to know what you should definitely NOT do in a job interview? I’ve interviewed candidates who have done one–and at times all 4–of these easily correctable–GOSH–Why didn’t I think of that–types of things–that it definitely bears repeating. Everyone knows (or should know) the big things that can cause an interview to completely tank. However, there’s also some smaller little things that interviewees do that give interviewers an “oh, I think we’ll pass.” feeling. If you want to get hired-best to avoid these gaffes:

How You Can Get Help From a Career Coach

Many workers suffer day in and day out in lackluster careers. Have you spent time wondering why you do not have any career satisfaction? You may want to consider hiring a career coach to get you to the next level of your career or help you find a career that is right for you.

Best MBA Programs – Admission Requirements and Application Strategies

Applying to the best MBA programs is a daunting task. Learn how to navigate the process in this informative article.

Green Jobs Online – Green Employment Opportunities Are Plentiful If You Know Where to Look

Are you looking for a green job? Here are some ideas as to how you can go about finding green jobs online.

Matching Your Skills With the Appropriate Job

When looking for a job, it is crucial that your skills match the job. If the skills don’t match, then there is a good chance that your resume will be passed up and the employer will move on to the rest. That is what you don’t want to happen.

Layoff Survival Tips

This is an article to help guide those recently laid off from work, or anyone who is anticipating a layoff at their job. Quick four tips to help you survive a layoff.

3 Simple Tips For Career Progression

In order to keep ahead in these changing and challenging times we regularly need to review our career progress and refresh our goals and long term vision. Competition is fierce, change is inevitable and continuous breakthroughs in technology mean we have to ensure our knowledge is relevant and our position is as secure as it can be.

10 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers in a Down Market

Even in a down market, job seekers and employees are not powerless or without recourse. In fact, you have more control over your career circumstances than you might think. I’ve developed 10 specific strategies and tactics that consistently generate powerful results for job seekers, even when it seems that “no one’s hiring.”

How to Take Advantage of the Shortage of Nurses

For nurses who wish to work abroad, there are international nursing jobs available. Especially in this era packed with a lot of technological innovations at your own disposal, with health care professionals getting more opportunities and receiving more incentives than before, with an increased demand for care, comfort, knowledge and support, the nursing practice becomes surely popular nowadays.

The Many Benefits of Working Abroad As a Nurse

Various factors come into play as to figuring out why there is a growing demand for nurses. First, an increase of the aging population means an increase in demand for nurses who can staff nursing facilities. Secondly, because the field of medicine itself has seen the sprouting of many different specializations, it is important to have more people like nurses to administer care. Lastly, since costs in getting medical care are getting more expensive, all kinds of nurses take on greater responsibilities in administering care to the patients.

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