How Much Does Florida Babes Travel Make On YouTube

Types of Work-at-home Jobs – What’s Your Choice?

Work-at-home employment can vary, and with online businesses on the increase, there are constantly more and more jobs available for people who wish to stay at home and work from their home office. You can also start your own work-at-home business, as many work-at-home moms have done. If you truly wish to work-at-home, there are plenty of work-at-home moms who accomplish this without falling for those scam artists.

How to Talk Without Saying a Word

Eighty-five percent of what you communicate during an interview is without spoken words. The way you sit and a host of other body language messages speaks volumes to an experienced interviewer.

Stop Making a Living and Create a Life!

Too many times we hear of people that are merely existing and not really living a life of purpose and meaning. This is an encouragement to find a way to follow your calling and live a life that will fulfill you.

Nursing Career – More Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

There are countless of reasons to take the plunge and become a travel nurse. While the idea might be scary, the exciting opportunities of travel nursing are definitely worth the risk!

Which Video Games Jobs Are Right For Me?

Working in video games is a dream job for many because it gives you an opportunity to work on something that you love and to make good money doing it. Sounds great huh? Well, rest assured that you aren’t the only one who thinks so. Video games jobs are hard to get. This is a very competitive market so be prepared to do your homework.

Job Satisfaction – Your Job is Not Just a Job

Many people feel their job (and their work) is not meaningful. They feel their work doesn’t matter, doesn’t DO anything, doesn’t help others, doesn’t make a contribution to society, or make a difference. Many workers are disconnected from their work and feel their job is just a job, just a way to make money.

Nursing Survival 101 – Tips to Become a Savvy Nurse

There are four stages of adaptation before a new nurse can become a savvy and seasoned one. And the best way to become the total patient care package is by going through all four stages.

How to Know If Nursing Is the Right Job For You

While nursing is a very attractive career due to the job security and compensation it offers, it is not for everyone. Being a nurse requires certain sets of personalities, traits, and abilities that not all types of people possess.

Student Nursing Tips – What They Don’t Teach You in Nursing School

A lot of the skills and know-how you need in nursing will unlikely be learned reading your nursing books or going through your clinical training and practical exams. The best way to learn about the nursing world is to go out there and immerse yourself in the environment.

Tips For New Nurses – What Social Skills Are Needed For Winning Colleagues

Being the new nurse on a unit can be intimidating. By making use of a few social skills, you will be “one of them” in no time.

Nursing Careers – Considering the Limitless Possibilities of a Nursing Career

Traditionally, nurses were hired right out of nursing school and worked with the same hospital or medical facility for the rest of their working life until they retired. Company loyalty was highly valued and nurses were given a lot of perks, benefits, and pension plans so that they will stay with the company until their retirement.

Nursing Tips – How to Organize and Prioritize Your Shift

To successfully and efficiently complete your daily tasks in your nursing shift, it is essential to organize and prioritize every time. The first thing that you have to understand is that things do not always go as planned. Rather, it is the exception when everything falls right into schedule.

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