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Some Alternatives to Finding a Graduate Job Vacancy

Finding a graduate job vacancy may at times be more difficult for new graduates, as there are several extenuating factors that will affect the rate of success for landing a new job. The employment rate in different fields, and sectors of the economy, can have an enormous effect on the jobs prospects. The regions in which you search will also have an effect on the prospect of finding a job, but since you have already made an important career choice and worked hard to graduate, you may now be obligated to find a job.

Where to Look for a Graduate Job Vacancy

After you have spent many years, and long hours in the completion of your education, you should have a reason to hope and expect that your job prospects should be brighter than others, and there is a considerable amount of research that proves, the quality of working life may be decidedly better for graduates, but the problem that you face is how and where would you go to find a graduate job vacancy. The truth is that finding the graduate job vacancy requires careful planning.

5 Typical Resume Writing Mistakes

Resume trends and hiring manager’s preferences change quickly these days, so it’s important to keep up with current styles. These are some of the top 5 common resume writing mistakes job seekers make. If you find your resume is following into any of these categories try to change it up!

Siblings in the Same Work Place

You may have many questions as regards to working ethics whether it is legally right to have two or more siblings working together; the answer is yes, no constitution or law singles out the existence of siblings in the same workplace. Given the opportunity siblings are expected to work best when together, however looking back at siblings behaviors in the social family unit and how tough it is for parents’ to have them under one roof around each other you may have to consider this aspect. A walk through on the pros and…

Is Working As a Freelance Teacher Really Worth It?

Before you start your own freelance teaching/tutoring business, you should know the pros and cons before making your decision. Here are my top 5 pros of becoming a freelancer enrichment teacher.

How to Build Rapport for Increased Sales

Understanding the basics of human behavior through the DISC model and applying this information to empower the sales force. This article looks at the strengths and struggles inherent in the Slower-Paced/Task-Oriented behavior style. (Sometimes referred to as the High C.)

Listen To Your Employees

How well you listen in your professional life and in your role as a business leader is a prime factor in your and your organization’s success. Listening is not always about you; it is often about the other person. Give people your full attention and expect the same from them.

Emerging Careers in Health Information Technology

Health Information technology is the secure exchange of electronic health records between health care professionals, insurance providers, patients, and the government. The problem with medical records being recorded on paper is they have to be stored in filing cabinets at the physicians office, or in a box at the patients home. Then, when providers want to access the medical records they have to be mailed, faxed, or physically brought to the appointment by the patient.

Why You Need To Take Control Of Your Own Career

Become a “Careerpreneur” by managing your career like an entreprenuer. Learn the reasons why you need to take control of your own career and the 4 steps you can take right now to do so.

Time to Move or Time to Stay

When is the right time to move from your job? What factors do you consider? From a headhunters approach this article provides readers with some insight into what should be considered when making this vital move.

How Great Business Unit Managers Propel People

Great business unit managers motivate people using their energy and enthusiasm while being practical about the market. They excite people about how they can achieve growth.

Getting That Ideal Job

Many job opportunities are lost at the interview stage. Organizations make 90 percent of their hiring decisions at the interview table. Here are some tips on how to get that special job.

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