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7 Job Search Lessons Learned From Dating in the City

On a random Taco Tuesday night at Nick’s Crispy Tacos, one of my best guy friends lamented about his dating dilemmas in the city. I stirred the margarita and traced the salted rim with the straw as he explained his situation. “As cliche as it sounds, I’m real tired of the bar scene and just want to meet a nice girl that I connect with. I envy my guys who have girlfriends.”

This July 4th: Celebrate Your Independence As Young Professional Transplants All Over the World

Transient cities like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Hong Kong have one major thing in common: young professionals come, and young professionals go. It is said that in New York City, close to 1 million transplants leave each year as 1 million new people move into the city. This July 4th Independence Day, I salute young professional transplants all over the world and encourage you to celebrate your independence for the following reasons…

A Bad Job Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

A bad job or a bad boss is a GOOD thing. Use it to energize and motivate you. Push yourself to change your situation and even start your own business.

Make Plans To Work Overseas

Having an opportunity to work abroad is the dream of a lifetime. It’s an adventure that will be paved with new experiences and rewarding encounters that will add to your career potentials and your perception of the world. While you are thinking about all of the challenges that you are ready and willing to tackle, take some time to plan and get prepared for the changes that come with living and working abroad.

Enjoy Working Overseas

It’s one thing to take a vacation abroad and quite another to actually spend time in a country. Visiting the sights while staying at a resort and dining with other tourists in the usual places is all very relaxing.

Broaden Your Career Horizons

So you want to work overseas? Perhaps, you’ve dreamed of that little cafe in Paris, sitting there, soaking up the Parisian atmosphere. Or, maybe something more exotic, like India, trekking on the rice fields, breathing in the fresh country air.

How To Have Great Working Holidays Abroad

Are you planning on taking some working holidays? Maybe it is about time that you do so. Just imagine the many things that you can get, even if it is just from the experience itself, which you will carry in yourself for the years to come.

7 Tips For Recent Grads When Working With Recruiters

After graduating college or right before getting their diploma many entry-level job seekers are exposed to recruiters for the first time. One of the main reasons for this is that many career centers are not too keen on headhunters primarily due to the fact that some recruitment professionals act in a manner that is perceived not to be in the best interest of the college graduate. Therefore, many entry-level job seekers have little to no idea about the staffing industry until they are initially contacted by a recruitment agency.

Top Jobs With Animals That You Can Do!

Getting jobs with animals can often be some of the most rewarding work you will ever find and there are quite a few jobs that offer just that opportunity. Of course one of the first careers you think of when working with animals is a veterinarian but actually there are several other types of jobs that do not require that much schooling and are often a lot more fun!

Maximize Your Income Potential Overseas

Working overseas can be a very rewarding experience for professionals. There are many economies that are growing overseas and with their growth, there are many job opportunities that are now presenting themselves.

Work In Another Country And Have Fun

Working in another country can be the experience of a lifetime. Overseas jobs can provide significant work experience, but these jobs can also be among the most pleasurable employment that anyone could wish for.

How To Take the Plunge and Start Your Own Business

With today’s economic struggles, many ambitious entrepreneurs are deciding to start their own business. Starting a business can be a risky proposition, but it’s always exciting to start out on your own and let yourself be the one making the decisions. In order to have a successful business venture you need the right resources and help, including checklists, tools and services you will need.

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