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My Job Rocks! 3 Ways Any Employee Can Get A Return on Their Workplace Investment

My job rocks! No wait, did I say that? Any employee, at any level in the company, can gain a return from investing in building workplace relationships, growing an attitude that helps, and deciding to learn something new.

QuickBooks or Microsoft: Comparing Accounting Software

What are the current best practices in bookkeeping and accounting? Bookkeeping schools will teach you that in order to determine what accounting software best suits your needs, you need to assess the what specific reports you will be running for your business.

Medical Billing Careers Provide People With a Stable Future

The medical industry is vast and varied. Throughout the expansive medical field, nearly every single clinic, wellness center, hospital, OBGYN clinics, and private physicians are in need of professional and formally-trained medical billing employees.

How to Get a Job Interview

How can some people get lots of job interviews very quickly, while others spend months just trying to get an interview? Are they really much better at the job that someone struggling to get an interview? Not necessarily. They probably are no better at the job, but they may be a lot better at presenting themselves in a way that appeals to recruiters and employers.

Tips for Executives: Finding Jobs the Right Way

The job search is tough for everyone – even seasoned executives. You must ensure you’re doing all you can to make your search a success!

Finding the Right Career Just Takes a Little “Work”

Ever hear “Employees don’t leave organizations. They leave Managers?” Sometimes, it isn’t the employee or the manager OR the organization! Sometimes, it just isn’t a good fit. More importantly, taking the time to figure out why it isn’t a good fit increases your chances of career happiness. Using ten critical career categories, you can determine whether you are applying your interests in a fashion that suits you best!

Excuse Me, Mind Your Business Manners Please

People’s to-do lists have become too hectic to pay even a little attention to courtesies such as providing R.S.V.P. responses to business invites or even as simple as making good introductions in business meetings. The importance of business etiquette has obviously been unloved.

Excellence at Work – Steps to Finding Success on the Job

You’ve worked hard to find your new job. Now what? This article gives a new employee some great tips on how to quickly excel at their new job.

Tips On How To Get Your Dream Job

Quite expectedly, most people want ads to attract crowds of applicants, but a large number of those ads fail to do so. They are filled with colloquialism and are utterly disorganized.

Surgical Technician: The Different Duties of a Surgical Technologist

Surgical technicians work under the supervision of surgeons and registered nurses. Just like doctors and nurses, they also play a vital role in the operating room. They perform duties that are critical to the success of the operation.

Good at Nothing Is the Best Career Option

Many freelance writers are told to develop a niche, a specialty that is unique and compelling. However, nothing could dull the mind faster or stall a career quicker than becoming a foremost authority on for example the real estate industry. Not that real estate is dull, but the key to being a successful freelance writer is to be an expert in nothing.

How to Deal With Your Job and Children at the Same Time

Now-a-days due to the increased inflation rates, women having to work along with the men to meet their needs or provide comfort to their families. This cannot be done by a single person, so women have to join hands with men and work. They have to work or do jobs along with their men so that they can provide their families the comforts they see.

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