How Much Does Fresh and Fit Make On YouTube

Business Training Can Boost Your Career and Every Brick Can Count

A good business training course can lay the foundations for a successful career, but it has to be a course that’s right for you. It makes sense, therefore, to choose a supplier who offers bespoke training. Find a training company that takes the trouble to learn about you, the work you do and the everyday challenges you face and then tailors their course to meet your needs.

Starting a New Business 101

So most of us have done it at some point in our lives, we have thought that starting a business would be the perfect way to earn a living. It would be nice to work for yourself and not have a boss right? So, some people dream about creating a business and others actually bring their visions to life.

Use Your Summer Vacation to Start Working at What You Love

Remember writing those “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” essays way back when? Summertime may not be the endless carefree season it was when you were a kid, but it’s still a great time to jumpstart your dream of working at what you love.

Great Job Demands For Registered Nurses

Several low scale professions have been rapidly increasing recently. An example of a low-scale profession is nursing. Weighing against jobs of the same group, nursing is highly compensated, thus increasing competence and lessening dependency. Registered nursing professionals have a significant career path as there is an increased demand every day. Then again, it is required in all fields that they are all registered nurses.

Why Bother With Career Guidance in a Recession?

A brief look at why career guidance can be beneficial for individuals in a recession, what you can gain from career guidance and how might you avail of it. It could be argued that now is the not the time to be spending money on non-essentials, like shoes perhaps, or match tickets, or career guidance. But, research suggests that an investment made in career guidance at a time when the economy is bad and things don’t seem as safe as they used to be, is worth it!

How to Get the Job You Want!

Competition for good jobs has become increasingly tough over the past year. When many applicants with similar qualifications and skills apply together, the one who presents themselves most prominently will be offered the job.

How to Negotiate For a Higher Salary

When you are negotiating a salary it is critical that you have a number in mind. Don’t be caught on the spot when the employer says what would you like to be payed. Know the number you will be comfortable with and be prepared to justify why you deserve the number you are asking for. What you are asking for may seem high at first, but if you carefully spell out what you can do for the organization and the experience you have.The number may no longer seem so large.

How to Avoid Getting Fired

There are many reasons for getting fired. Getting fired can can cause you great distress. It is important that you know the reasons that employees are sometime fired. Hopefully, you you can avoid some of the causes that could be in your control. If you have been fired you may want to understand what has transpired so you can avoid such behavior in the future.

Surviving in a Recession – Making Your Job Secure

Millions around the world have lost their jobs. Many are forced into redundancy. Are those still with jobs safe? Can they find ways to keep their jobs secure?

Job Hunting in the Hospitality Space

The demand for hospitality workers is constant. It’s the kind of industry where people move in and out of roles and really good staff are definitely not easy to find.

Financial Planning – A Fascinating Career Option

A course in financial planning allows you to develop a holistic approach towards money management. A career as a financial planner can be your ideal career option. Learn more about the career opportunities, job profile and occupational benefits of Financial planning career.

Architectural Model Making Advice For Students

The aim of this article is to provide students with some general advice on how to produce well made, informative architectural models. Whether you’re an architecture student or doing a design project at school, there are some simple do’s and don’ts that are well worth knowing in order to avoid the basic errors made by many first time model makers.

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