How Much Does FTFE Make on YouTube

Personality Tests – Putting Your Career to the Test

Personality tests are a tool that many employers use to judge the quality of the employees that they hire. You shouldn’t worry about these tests, nor should you think that your career future rides on them. Just take them in stride, and make the most of the results.

3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Computer Forensics As Your Career

Nothing is perfect. Computer forensics is a rewarding career but there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing it as your career. Let’s look at below.

Should You Ask For Perks From Your Boss?

Should you ask for perks from your boss? Well the question never came up when I used to work years ago. But things have changed since I used to work, actually I never thought of asking the boss for perks because we used to be worried about what they would say to us in those days.

Identify Your Talents, Gifts and Skills

How do you answer when someone asks “what do you do?” Does it tell people what you really do?

Tools to Employment Success – Simple Ways to Get Where You Are Going

There are many things in life that require your attention and effort, and many more that require special attention. Today’s job world is one of the areas where you need all the tools you can get in order to make the most of every situation. Here are some things you’ll like to have on hand.

New Teacher Tips – How to Listen More Effectively to Students

You’d be amazed how this gives the student more time to think his/her response. This “extra” time also gives you a chance to hear what your student is saying.

Surviving Underemployment

Tips for making the most out of less than satisfying jobs, which many they feel they can’t leave during the sour economy are offered. The premise is that career development does not have to placed on hold even if the dream job isn’t currently being realized.

Career Training Courses – Better Your Career

Have you been worrying a great deal about your business? Do you have some confusion about moving ahead? Well, we have a solution that is going to help you out

Career Choice Strategies – How to Use Your Intuition to Find Your Ideal Job

Want to change jobs, but you have no idea of what to do, where to go or who to ask? This strategy is a self-directed intuitive process that allows you to access your own inner wisdom in a playful, easy and relaxed way to reveal what your ideal job could look and feel like. The ability to look inwards to access our inner knowing often gets buried under financial pressures, uncertainty, excessive negative mind chatter, critical self-judgement and the general busyness of life.

Millionaire? No, But I Do Make a Neat 180 Euros a Day – Shaving Mugs

Interested in Shaving mugs? I’ve been collecting now for about 15 years and in the last 15 years and in this time I’ve seen a great increase in popularity that hasn’t stopped now, I think the revival of Victorian home look as helped the increase as many shaving mugs are now on sale old and new, to be honest I only try t collect the vintage ones however there have been times where I’ve seen a beautiful new shaving mug, in the style of an old shaving mug.

A Guide to Earning Money by Selling Photographs

If you are a photography hobbyist, you might find it interesting that you can earn money by selling photographs. There are many avenues where you can submit your photos to people who need them and get money in return. What you’ve always thought was a hobby can now be a great way to earn money you can use personally or to improve your skills.

How to Get Paid to Take Photos

Photography is a great hobby and it will become an even greater joy when you get paid to take photos. Digital photography has revolutionized the way people take photographs as well as treat the world of photography. Equipment is not as expensive as it was years ago and it has become easier to take decent photographs and more convenient to share them.

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