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What You Should Know Before Contacting a Recruiter

Planning to get in touch with a recruiter for your job search? Arm yourself with crucial information on recruiter relationships and needs before picking up the phone.

11 Ways To Be More Competitive

Competition is part of life and according to Darwin, only the strong survive! Luckily business is not a life or death event, even though; at times it may feel like it. The economy has made competition in today’s contracting business world tougher than ever! In order to survive and prosper we need to find ways to be more productive and creative. I’m going to offer eleven (11) tips that you should consider to help you become more competitive.

Give It All Away – Provide Value to Your Customers and See What Happens

How much information is too much to give away? So many websites only give little bits of information hoping that their customer will come back wanting more and better yet paying for it.

Steps Towards Owning a Hair Salon

Hair stylists’ careers offer excellent prospects. If you dream of your own salon, read on for the necessary steps to fulfill your dream.

Getting Yourself and Your Career Back on Track After a Redundancy

Moving forward after redundancy is not only finding another job as quickly as possible. Following redundancy you need to take some time to take stock and think about all the practical considerations for you. Working with what’s really happening in your life post redundancy and the practical consequences of this, will allow you to move beyond the initial anxiety associated with this significant change in your life and allow you to carry out some long-term career planning.

Resume Tips To Get You to the Interview Table

I have never met anybody who enjoys making or even updating their resume. But the reality is that without an effective resume your job application is destined to land on the “do not interview pile”. It may not be an enjoyable task but with the resume tips that follow we’ll show you that it’s actually a lot easier than you think to create an effective resume that will get you to interview.

How to Create Good Christian Online Careers

Creating good Christian jobs or careers is easy. The problem is that Christians are NOT created but “born again” sinners saved by grace.

16 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Hired

Interviewing is a skill that must be developed into a craft. The more you do it, the better you will get. Practice makes perfect.

Law – Is It A Good Career Choice?

So you think you would make a good lawyer? If your answer is yes, based on court-room dramas like ‘Law & Order’ or the more frivolous ‘Boston Legal’, then you probably need to do a little bit more of self-examination. On a more serious note though, if you are in fact thinking of making a career for yourself in the field of legal studies, and/or practice, then you can continue reading!

Are You Sure You Want to Quit Your Job?

Sometimes, entrepreneurship can be best appreciated as a spectator sport. If you are thinking of taking the plunge, but need some guidance with the process, give me a call or drop me a line. I’d love to hear about your plans and join you on the journey. The Accountability Factor exists to inspire and guide entrepreneurs to maximize the monetary value of their businesses, while becoming the best possible versions of themselves. We coach you to Be Accountable.

5 Top Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Employment

When you’re out of work, you need to use every advantage you can think of to increase your chances of finding a job. With today’s fluctuating job market, there are more people applying for the leftover jobs than there are jobs available. This makes finding a job incredibly difficult.

An Introductory Guide To Vet Tech Specialties

Experienced veterinary technicians can improve their career prospects by becoming certified in a specialist area. Advanced training allows vet techs to concentrate on the areas of animal care they find most fulfilling. Moreover, due to a shortage of certified specialists, those with advanced skills and qualifications can often choose from a range of job offers.

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