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Please! Don’t Do Dumb Things!

With the recession around the block, no wonder everyone in the organization is jumpy and anxious about things at work. The competition between colleagues intensifies with fear that anyone of us can be the next to get a pay cut or worst, being asked to pack our desks.

Discover the Wildlife in Your Office!

One of the key things about workplace survival is about sensitive and awareness of the surroundings. In every workplace, there are different characteristics and classification of human behavior that is similar to the animal kingdom. We must master the natural survival techniques in the workplace to last us through our entire career.

Effective Career Planning Tips

How do you plan your career? It is very important to plan your career so that you can reach your career objective to your full satisfaction. If you can follow the following tips it will help you plan your career to a great extent.

Key Tips to Increase the Salary of a Physician Assistant

The salary offered is one of the key criteria which we get attracted to a job/function in an Industry or company. A highly paid job / position is highly seek for especially by those with degree or master certification. Someone which is highly paid is highly looked up by the society and well respected by others around him.

How Can a New Physical Therapist Look For Employment?

As stated by the American Physical Therapy Association, the key duties of a physical therapy are to observe and assist patients with functional limitation, impairment, disability or other health related conditions to regain strengths. This professional also helps people to maintain fitness and health at all ages.

5 Easy Tips to Become Successful Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are professionals who assist patients to recover from illnesses, surgeries, diseases, injuries or accidents. They guide the patients to regain strengths and mobility through a variety of exercises and activities. For new comers who are ambitious to achieve great success in this field, here are some important tips for them.

The Life Cycle of Roles – Not All Roles Are Created Equal

There are some roles that get the best out of a person, and then there are roles that were designed to make your life feel at times like hell on earth. It was only recently that I discovered that there is a life cycle for roles, similar as for a company.

When to Make a Career Change

Whether you are already in a transition or just exploring some new options, you have the opportunity to examine whether a change of job or career is appropriate – and any perceived barriers to making that needed change. It takes courage to face what isn’t working in our lives – but the wonderful consequence of taking that courageous step is often a major leap forward in our personal growth.

How to Be Successful in Handling New Workplace Adaptation

You may feel confused, afraid, worried, or nervous when you are starting a new job. This is normal actually. A new job in a new workplace must need such kind of adaptation. If you find difficulty to adapt in your new workplace, this review will help you to be successful in handling new workplace adaptation.

Are You on the Right Career Path?

Career management is about being ready for the next career move, but if your job feels like a treadmill maybe it’s time to examine your career path. Job dissatisfaction can lead to further unhappiness if ones career focus isn’t adjusted before moving on to the next position. If you are unhappy with your current position, read on to find out how to begin to fix the mess you’re in.

Here’s How to Talk to a Difficult Boss

There is no need to suffer with a difficult boss. Here are tips that will help you on how to talk to a difficult boss.

I Lost My Job – What Do I Do Now?

The economy is in a down turn, people are losing their jobs and who are you looking to for help to turn it around? If you said the government, then good luck. I hope that works out for you. I know I’m not waiting for their help.

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