How Much Does Furniture Flippa Make on YouTube

What to Consider Before You Relocate For Work

However, in this job market with so many companies struggling, you may not find that perfect job in your area. This leaves many people looking outside their local area for employment opportunities.

Barely Living Until Your Next Paycheck?

Are you one of those people rushing to deposit your paycheck in the bank on Friday? Experts say that more than half of the American population lives paycheck to paycheck.

Six Steps Every Practitioner Needs to Take

Remember, these are the Six Steps Every Practitioner Needs to Take to create a Profitable Practice. It’s about being authentic, heart-centered, and creating a practice that’s sustainable and supports your chosen lifestyle.

Tax Time Tips For Job Hunters

Job hunting can be a strenuous, annoying and sometimes downright depressing thing but it does have its advantages when it comes to tax time. Knowing what you can (and cannot) deduct when it comes to filing your return is important though. Here are a few pointers:

An Insider Gives Advice About the Right Medical Transcription Machine – Details About New Hardware

Considering going into medical transcriptionist work? Then you’ve got to have the right stuff. Having what you need not only includes a quality education from an accredited school, but also the right transcription equipment. When you have everything you need, you will be ready to make a living and everything you have assembled will literally be a money-making medical transcription machine!

Does a Career Choice Got You Down? Every Day is a Brand New Day!

We all make choices in our lifetime and many of those choices will effect us in our future, both positively and negatively. In essence, we are the author of our own story. We are the ones who make the choices to bring ourselves in the situations we find ourselves in today and we are the very ones who can make the choices that will get us out of our circumstances if they are unfavorable. If you are in a career that you dread to wake up to each day, you’ll find this story to be of interest.

Business Financing – Capital Requirements Made Easy in Any Economy

Everyone knows the economy hit rock bottom in 2008. The effects of which have been like a trail of dominoes-one falls and 10 more follow. Think about the auto industry alone. Plants close which means people are laid off.

The Top Tips on How to Keep Your Medical Transcription Files Organized – An Expert’s Helpful Advice

Whether you work several medical transcription jobs, or just one, you must stay organized. Anyone who is involved in this type of work understands just how hectic things can get. Working from home doesn’t make it any easier because your personal life and your work life are both within the same vicinity. That is why you need to make a concerted effort when organizing your work space, and your transcription files in particular.

Take Your Company Public by Partnering With a Consulting Firm – A Must Read!

Many companies have a unique service or product but either lacks the capital or know-how to go public. Going public slams open the doors to massive global capital possibilities and massive partnering and strategic growth capabilities. A financially broke company should never try to go public to raise money to stay afloat as you’ll only attract the fee based predatory consultants who make their money on individual fee oriented services without the ability to bring it all together in a turn-key solution so in the end there is no accountability.

Going Public? Here Are the Keys to Your Success (Both Short and Long Term)

Going public, the ultimate in the evolution of companies who are seeking access to powerful global finance options for rapid expansion, deepening corporate roots and gaining industry prominence as a true powerhouse and player. The process of going public is technical yet pretty straight forward: business plan, Private Placement Memorandum, Direct Public Offering, Financial Audit, S-1 filing, SEC comments phase, SEC approval, FINRA approval, symbol and then you’re public.

What Makes You Happy? 10 Characteristics of Resilient People

What makes you happy? One answer is resilience. Resilience is a characteristic of people who can easily bounce back from adversity. Resilient people are able to “roll with the punches”. You can learn to be more resilient. Use these 10 characteristics of resilient people to become more resilient yourself.

Why You Want to Be a Marine Corps Pilot

Marine Corps pilots live a challenging, exciting, and fulfilling life. Find out how you can be one of them!

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