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Working For a Recruitment Agency Can Be Just the Job!

Do you see working for a recruitment agency as being a kind of stop-gap until a permanent position comes along? Do you think that it is somehow not really like a ‘proper job’? Well, if you do, then it is time to think again, because one thing that you will find is that these days working for a recruitment agency can not only be fun, but it can beat working in the same old job every day.

Spending Your Life at Work

Do you believe that we are here, on this planet, to be a good employee? Is the answer to “what is life about” focused mostly on doing a good job for your boss?

Attention Telecommuters – The Dangers of a Good Book!

When you’re at the office, there are many distractions that can stop you from making progress on your important work. But when telecommuting, there are even more. And it can take some strong discipline to make sure you’re getting your job done.

Online Career Training – Advance Your Career With Online Career Training and Education

In a tough job market, online career training can literally mean the difference between career advancement and career stagnation. Whether you are a professional in a specialized field like law or accounting, or a skilled worker in a field like construction or manufacturing, advanced online career training can help you achieve your dreams. This article will demonstrate the many benefits of continuing to enhance your job skills and show you some of the best places to seek advanced training for your own career.

How to Get a Promotion and Earn Extra Cash

Provides advice on getting a pay raise the easy way. Find out how to make more money each month.

Prepare For the Opportunity

If it’s slow for you right now, get prepared. There are things you can do to aptly position and be ready for your next wave of happy clients.

Searching For a Job During ‘Recession’

Economic recession is hitting world over, impacting the job market tremendously and churning millions out of jobs. You might be seeing the statistics over news, but it actually hits you hard when your own friends are suddenly jobless… and even harder when you see a threat to your own!

Do Virtual Assistants Need Certification?

Virtual assistant certification is recommended but not required. Take a closer look at how being a certified VA can affect you.

Laid Off? Here’s Some Tips

If you have been recently laid off, there is a good chance that you are going through a number of different feelings and emotions. Getting laid off is something everyone with a job dreads and no one wants to experience. We offer some quick tips and advice for the newly laid off.

Overloaded and Stressed?

Has your employer noticed that you don’t complain when more and more work is landed on your desk? Or is your manager taking advantage of your good nature and just piling on the pressure and increasing your workload every day?

Self-Guided New Employee Orientation

Today is the first day of your new job. You’ve done your homework on the company, spent some time on the company website but still you’re not sure of what to expect. What’s the best way to ensure your success in your new position? Conduct an independent orientation for your new job!

The Story of It

In order to be happy and successful at anything you choose to do in life, you must understand yourself. By getting clear about what you love to do, you’ll be better able to identify IT – the bits of personality, skill, and talent that make you who you are. Everyone’s got IT, but IT is different for each person.

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