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Benefits of Career IT Architecture Coaching

Coaching was first used successfully in the world of sport and its benefits are now being realised in the business world. The use of a coach can not only help you realise a career goal, it can also improve your personal life.

Achieve Focus Through the Help of an IT Architect Career Coach

Have you ever tried watching five television sets at once where they are all on different channels? Figuring out what you need to know to create a successful IT architect role can present a similar challenge. This is where the services of an experienced IT architect career coach will be invaluable.

The Brand Called You

Branding helps. Think about a successful product in the marketplace-say, dish detergent or a car-and consider the keywords associated with the product which lure customers: reliable, powerful, trustworthy, efficient, connected, MORE.

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire an IT Architect Coach

You need grace under pressure. You live a demanding life as an IT architect and a wide variety of interpersonal skills are needed.

Aplenty Career Options Available to Business Study Students

Career options available to business studies student are vast. No doubt, companies prefer MBAs, as they are supposed to be loaded with innovative ideas, confidence, and a dynamic personality; they are ready to face the challenges of the corporate world. In other words, they are regarded as already having a taste of the business world as compared to students who have come fresh out of other colleges.

How to Keep That Dream Job You Are Searching For From Becoming a Prison

Very often when people give advice about finding the perfect job, they start off by telling you to make a list of the ideal things you would want in a job. Perhaps what you should really start with is a list of what you do NOT want in a job. Need persuading, this article will have you thinking twice about what you consider most important in that new job.

Perks of Being an Accountant

Majoring in accounting can open many doors for your future. Students entering the accounting field has grown in the past couple years. So why do people become accountants and why are accountants so successful?

Tips to Recover From Layoff

Have you been laid off from your job? Here are some tips on how to survive the layoff. We all know that right now the unemployment rate is the highest in the country for a century. However, there are a few key things you can do to survive being laid off from your job.

Legit Video Game Testing Jobs

Lots of people have lost their jobs in the recent economy slump all over the world. But there is good news for these people as they can earn good money by playing video games. There are lots of companies who are offering legit video game testing jobs due to which numbers of video game testers has also increased.

Finding a Job Tricky in Current Climate

Even in the middle of a global boom, there have always been many people with money worries – simple economics dictate that there will always be a section of society who are living close to the breadline, and the situation at the moment means that this group of people is growing. Meanwhile, higher up the chain, there are more and more people having to scale back on their spending due either to taking a pay cut, having less business coming in or through sheer uncertainty about the future.

Life Coach Career – What is a Life Coach?

There are many new careers springing up to meet the demands of modern life and one of these is that of life coach. If you have been considering life coaching as a career, this article will help you make the right decision.

Virtual Assistant – Could This Be Your Next Career Move?

If you are thinking of a career change and have office and computer skills, why not become a virtual assistant? Learn what a VA does and the skills you will need.

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