How Much Does Georgia Sunshine Make On YouTube

Business Ownership and Self-Assessment

In order to successfully start a small business, it is important to realistically appraise your strengths and weaknesses. An accurate self-assessment of your skills and experiences will allow you select business opportunities that play to your strengths and chose business partners whose abilities will complement yours.

Are You Tired of the Bully Yet?

My particular bully was also the one assigned to train me. For the next 6-9 months I was exposed to being ignored, comments questioning my competence, piece meal training designed for failure, verbal abuse including being cursed and all with management’s full knowledge.

An RN’s Options For Getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

There are three educational options that an individual may pursue in order to qualify for the Registered Nurse exam, a national test known as the NCLEX-RN. The choices for course of study are a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate’s degree, and a diploma program that is usually operated by a teaching hospital. This article is for the RN who wants to gain a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) and who is interested in all of the educational options.

Get Promoted by Increasing Your Visibility

In the current job market it is vital to make yourself noticed and stand out from the crowd. If you feel stuck in your current position, then an increase in your “visibility” in front of your bosses will advance your chances of promotion. It will also give you a necessary career boost and will speak volumes of your attitude and abilities should you choose to look for a new job.

How To Gain Confidence During Recession

A positive attitude is hard to accomplish when the general outlook is grim yet it is crucial if you want to be effective and gain professional achievements. Affirmative and forward-looking approach will not only advance your career, it may also improve other areas of your life. This is a great time to start building your confidence and focus on your attitude.

Selective Attention Gets You to Your Goal

Although we are living in the Information Age, it is the very glut of information that can prevent us from both using our time wisely and making decisions – any decisions. How does this apply to seeking, and finding, one’s dream career?

What is Your Experience?

As our economy spirals downward more and more folks are finding the need to brush up on their job hunting skills. For a great number it has been 10 – 15 or perhaps even 20 years or more since they applied for a job. This gap in job hunting opens up a myriad of issues.

10 Time Management Tips For Sales Professionals

Approaching your day without any kind of plan is a bit like cold calling randomly from the phone book – you might accomplish something, but it’s going to be about a hundred times harder than it should be. You don’t need to use an expensive program or planner to get yourself organized. Just be sure you start each day, week, and month with a good idea of what you need to get done, and then map out a way to finish it in your available hours.

Ways to Become a Good Bike Courier

This article describes things you will want to consider when trying to become a bike courier. It offers ideas for preparing for the job.

How to Tell When You Are About to Be Terminated

The strategy here is to bring about your failure, so that you can be written up to justify your termination. You will find that your requests for clarification on assignments go unanswered. What to do? Document your assignments; document your progress; document your requests for support and the outcome; outline the steps that you will take in carrying out the assignments and have your supervisor sign off on them; when a step is finished, sit and review it with your supervisor, get his approval, and ask for his feedback.

Overcoming Opening Statement Stage Fright

What can be done about opening statement stage fright? Find out by following these three steps.

From the Ashes You Will Rise

This expression has been used many times throughout the years, yet its truth has never diminished. With this statement comes an understanding that in order for there to be ashes there needs to be a fire that causes destruction, a destruction in which something of value or significance is burned to ruins. Usually, this tragedy is caused by someone making a bad and selfish decision and most of the time there are victims who are left to pick up the singed pieces of their dreams. It takes inner strength and resolve to rise from those ashes. Similarly, the economic problem in America has forced many to begin a new.

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