How Much Does Get Lit Wit Moe Make on YouTube

Nursing Homes Jobs

As America ages, more and more job opportunities are created in nursing homes across the country. These jobs can be rewarding, but demanding. However, before one goes out and applies, it is important to know what jobs that are performed in these positions.

3 Reasons You Should Become Your Own Boss

Why don’t you become your own boss? Lots of people have considered it. Some actually followed through and did it. Most only thought about taking that approach for a short time, then got busy with other activities.

How Important is it to Disconnect From Work?

During the past decade, there has been a revolution in the way that “the workplace” is considered. To some, in 2010 the workplace may be many things but a place. Smart-phones and laptops have become, for many, the workplace. This has redefined the way people work.

Recruiting – Fresh Graduates Vs Seasoned Candidates

You are out of college. You may have little to no work experience in your field. What would make employers hire you instead of a seasoned applicant? And vice-versa.

How to Become an Expert While Honoring Your Renaissance Soul – It Ain’t No Oxymoron

Last month, I attended a pretty fantabulus webinar where Seth Godin, marketing genius guru extraordinaire deity, was interviewed about career stability in relation to the launch of his new book, Linchpin. While I’ve yet to read the book, I knew that the overall message was that you need to make yourself indespensible by becoming an expert (read: forsake all other things besides the One Thing).

Jobs in Advertising Sales – Recent Trends

So your looking for jobs in advertising sales. This is a great industry that is online going to get better for those promoting local online search marketing products. According to the New York Times “Search Marketing is probably the best advertising platform ever invented” Did You Know.

Voice Over Coaches – Helping You Build a Successful Career

What is a voice over coach? What do they do and what qualifies them to teach? Why do you need one, how do you find one, and what can they offer you? Learn more about this integral role in the voice over ecosystem and why it pays to be educated and trained as a voice over actor.

Not Meeting Performance Goals? Here Are 3 “Performance Bulletins” to Get You Back on Track!

Who is your competition? Is it your fiercest rival? Is it your industry partner? Is it the small shop down the street?

Top Job Interview Questions to Ask Yourself

What job interview lessons can MC Hammer teach us? I’m not sure, but we have some great advice for facing tough interview questions!

Interviewing Advice – Addressing a Layoff

A layoff can be an unpleasant experience and probably not one you want to relive over and over during interviews. The way you handle this topic can make or break an opportunity to move forward with your career and leave the past behind.

Good Training, Good Results

There is a quote from Henry Youngman that says “A self taught person usually has a poor teacher and a worse student.” While there are cases of self made millionaires, most people aren’t so lucky in the lottery of life.

How to Accelerate Your Pharmacy Technician Career and Get Noticed

By observing a few simple rules, you can accelerate your pharmacy technician career and get noticed by the professionals on your job that matter. Here are some tips to help accelerate your career as a pharmacy technician.

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