How Much Does Gone to the Snow Dogs Make on YouTube

Career Change in a Recession is Called Re-Invention!

Charles Swindoll suggests that we are all faced with opportunities disguised as impossible situations. Lean economic times and full-time job searches are all opportunities. They are only opportunities for the person who understands and takes advantage of a career change.

Becoming a Nursing Aide in a Scrubs Uniform

Nursing aides in scrubs uniforms – also known as nursing assistants, nurse aides, hospital attendants, or orderlies – help to care for infirm, disabled, and injured patients in hospitals and nursing care facilities. They perform routine tasks and provide direct patient care under the supervision of the medical and nursing staff.

How Hard Work Can Help You Get a Promotion at Work

Hard work always pays off in the future. There really isn’t any substitute for hard work, especially in the work place. Employees aiming for a promotion at their place of work need to demonstrate to their employers their worth in receiving that promotion. Understanding exactly how hard work can help improve your chances of a promotion at work can assist you in harnessing everyday workplace interactions into opportunities to demonstrate your work ethic.

How To Get Your Welding Business Noticed!

You have great skills, and your skills are in demand. The problem is, the phone isn’t ringing for you! You need more business, and you need it now! The first RULE of business is to GET NOTICED – so how do you do that economically?

Change Careers by Tapping Into Your Own Talents and Passion

At some time in our lives, we are going to have a desire to change careers. Many people change careers for reasons such as more money, more time with family, greater advancement up the ladder or because of the failing economy. No matter what the reason, many of us think about changing careers, but only a few actually do anything about it.

How to Look For Good Business Training

There are a lot of firms and schools offering business training in Ireland. You have to choose the one that is a good match for you and your business. When choosing, there is a checklist of things that you should look out for.

Michigan CNA Information – Requirements, Training, Salary, Renewal and Reciprocity

Michigan is among the top ten states in need of Certified Nursing Assistants. The Department of Community Health Bureau of Health Professions is in charge for reviewing and approving CNA programs. The Department of Community Health coordinates with Prometric to develop and administer the CNA State tests.

Considerations Before a Career Change

Far too often, people are gunghoe about going and find another job until they finally quit and realize that they are not making money any longer. Even though another industry may seem like it is much better, you need to realize that there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account before you quit your current job.

Video Games Testing – 3 Ways to Get the Edge

The world of video games testing is exciting, active and growing at a massive rate. Wile video games used to confined to computers a few years ago, console games opened up a whole new world.

Career Change in a Recession? 6 Steps to Ensure Your Success

In this economy some people have postponed a long awaited career change. But in a recession, understanding which career move to make becomes easier. Why?

Where Can I Go to Find Out More About a Career Change?

Unfortunately, a career change is most likely not going to happen overnight unless you know someone with whom you already have a relationship. That being said, there are some great places to prepare yourself for a career change.

How Being More of a Friend to Your Boss Helps Improve Your Chances of a Promotion

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with your employer can work wonders in how quickly you climb up your career ladder. Being more of a friend to your boss is much more beneficial, to your career, than being just another employee.

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