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Celebrate Your Gifts

Tis’ the season… Are you celebrating your gifts as a high caliber leader? Certainly each day has been a gift, right? OK, so now let’s get real.

Is There a Difference Between a Job and a Career?

Do you think of yourself as ‘career orientated’ or ‘career minded’? Perhaps, do you see a career is something that comes with having a string of qualifications? Is ‘having a career’ something better than ‘having a job’? Or are they same?

3 Ways to Determine Your Perfect Career

Have you ever experienced graveled in your vocation?  Employee stress and blow out could answer for a lot of dissatisfaction in your life.  After all, you’re at work approximately 8 hours a day or to a greater extent.

Career Planning – Why You Must Do It

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your careers planning process. If you want to improve your lifestyle then I suggest you start first by dedicating adequate time to plan or redesign your career path. This article explains why it is so important to get this right and offers some starting points.

Reasons For an MBA to Go to the Internet Industry – Are There Any?

This is the first part of an article that explores the pros and cons for choosing the Internet Industry after MBA graduation. Lower salaries, lack of an MBA culture and other drawbaks are exposed in this first part. The objective of this article is just to give more more information and criteria to MBA students to allow them to make a more informed career choice.

17 Benefits to Quiting Your Job and Working Part Time From Home

Finally, you can leave your full time job, work less hours, earn more money, and much more. Imagine having a legitimate, proven, and easy to use job opportunity that doesn’t require any prior experience!

Top Interview Questions – How to Say What You Want to Say When You Are Not Quite Sure How to Say It

You will feel less pain at your first interview in a long, long time. Don’t cram. First, get a full night’s rest. Safely go for a long walk or do your favorite core exercises. These top seven are often the most asked non-Behavior-Based interview questions. This article gives you pain-free answers.

Career and Job Killers – Avoid These 3 Work Blunders

Trying to find a job? Learn how to get the edge in this tough job market. Find out what companies are secretly looking for but won’t tell you about. Learn the secret skill set that will help you win over your interviewer and get you that new job or career. If you know the Secret tips and strategies you will have the edge over other candidates.

Why Your Job Description is the Key to Job Security and How to Cleverly Turn it to Your Advantage

When you are busy working in your job, its easy to ignore your job description as the demands of the job ebb and flow. You may find yourself inadvertently taking on tasks that were not in your original job definition. Thats OK up to a point; but if these new additional tasks mean that you cease to carry out all of your defined tasks, your job could be reclassified (could be good or bad) or find yourself in the unenviable position of seeming to have failed in your duties.

5 Resume Must-Haves

Recruiters do not have too much time to analyse each resume in detail. Therefore, it is important to have the required information upfront and highlight it, to ensure that recruiters’ pay attention and get interested in your CV.

Six Tips For Using Facebook to Support Your Career

With over 100 million users, Facebook is one of the most popular Internet social networking sites in the world. If you’re already on Facebook, you know how much fun it can be to read status updates, find long-lost acquaintances, and send cyber gifts.

To Quit, Or Not to Quit? What to Do When You Hate Your Job

As much as you dislike your job, you still may be on the fence about quitting–especially in a difficult economy. September 2008 marked the 9th straight month of employment contraction, with U.S. employers dropping 159,000 jobs.

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